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KEDGE Business School, France 

About KEDGE Business School

Studying at KEDGE Business School, Marseille Campus (formerly Euromed Management) means an experience in an enriching multilingual and multicultural environment. BEM and Euromed Management have merged to create a new player in the world of higher education: KEDGE Business School. With KEDGE, the academic community, professionals and students aim to explore new horizons and assist organizations and territories.


The school is located in the heart of the Marseille Luminy scientific park, in an area alongside the Mediterranean Sea. KEDGE offers excellent courses for undergraduate students in either French or English. While all courses in the KEDGE/UNF Double Degree Program are offered in English, students would ideally be able to take some business courses taught in French during their two years at KEDGE.

Marseille, France

KEDGE boasts that Marseille is "the new Mediterranean resort, the gateway to Provence." Located between the mouth of the Rhone River and the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is France's third largest city. With an excellent public transportation system, you can easily navigate and travel in the city and explore the rest of Europe. In the heart of Marseille is a picturesque harbor filled with restaurants and a bustling nightlife. Marseille is an ancient Phoenician city with over 26 centuries of history filled with archeological richness evident in the center of town. Don't forget to visit the Vieux Port, Notre-Dame de la Guarde and Château while in Marseille!