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Faculty Abroad

Enhanced faculty scholarship is a critical part of the Coggin College of Business reaching its goal of infusing international business into the entire fabric of the Coggin College of Business. CIBS will provide regular faculty development opportunities in international business for all faculty, seeking to solidify our College's niche in the field of international business.

Faculty Exchanges

The Coggin College of Business supports continued professional development of its faculty through several mechanisms, including an active faculty exchange program. Through this program, Coggin College of Business faculty spend 1 – 2 weeks teaching at partner institutions abroad.



Faculty exchanges provide several benefits. First, teaching abroad requires faculty to see their disciplines through the eyes of foreign students, forcing them to re-evaluate the implicit and explicit assumptions of their disciplines. Second, faculty learn through their interactions with students and faculty abroad, and then bring that experience back into their classrooms at UNF for the benefit of Coggin College of Business students. Third, discussions with faculty abroad lead to joint research projects for publication.

In addition, the Coggin College of Business hosts incoming faculty from exchange partners for periods ranging from 1-2 weeks to an entire semester or an academic year. Visiting faculty enhance on-campus education both by guest lecturing directly to students, and by leading faculty-only seminars on advanced topics. Other visitors, including business people, sitting ambassadors, top foreign policy professionals, and Nobel Laureates, also visit UNF for special lectures.


Teaching a Study Abroad

Students can fully appreciate neither international business nor the diversity of the world in which they live without actually experiencing life abroad. Indeed, one's first international experience is virtually always a truly life-changing episode. Since many of Coggin College's non-traditional students are unable to spend the traditional semester abroad, Coggin College faculty lead a variety of short-term study abroad programs for credit each year.

A faculty handbook [pdf] provides guidance and a set of policies for faculty interested in creating such programs. Visit the Coggin Study Abroad page to see a list of the current short–term and semester abroad courses being taught.  For information on how to access the current study abroad application portal, please refer to the Study Abroad Application Manuel for Faculty and Staff. This is a resource for faculty currently teaching a study abroad course.