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International Business at UNF

The Coggin College of Business embraces the role of internationalization in both the academic and practical spheres of commerce today. Cultural awareness and an understanding of the global economy are infused throughout the curriculum and reinforced by opportunities offered through International Business (IB).  Students new to UNF can learn more about the IB major by viewing our welcome webinar, led by IB Director Dr. Andrés Gallo, and featuring an IB student panel.


IB Welcome Webinar

UNF's International Business Flagship Program

UNF's International Business (IB) Program was created in the Coggin College of Business in 1995 and quickly become a leader in preparing students for careers in the global marketplace. On May 17, 2006, the University of North Florida's former president John Delaney announced that IB had been selected as a flagship program. "This program is of the highest caliber," said Delaney. "It has the potential to draw talented students from around the world, tackle cutting-edge research projects and help solve problems facing today's businesses."


A national exam that all of the University's International Business seniors take places them in the top 5%, against more than 100,000 other seniors, in understanding global business concepts.


The International Business Flagship Program prepares students by supplementing their knowledge of general business issues with courses that teach functional business areas from an international perspective. As a result of the flagship designation, the IB Flagship Program received $300,000 annually until 2011 to expand and enhance study abroad activities, starting with new opportunities for language study, including collaboration with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. The IB Flagship Program is currently expanding its dual degree portfolio beyond the GlobalMBA program, which won a national Best Practice in International Education award. The KEDGE-UNF and Valencia-UNF bachelor's level programs are the newest additions to the IB Flagship Program, taking place in France and Spain, respectively.

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International Business Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council is a link to the professional community and industry practices for our program. These dedicated individuals provide input on relevance of our overall programs of study and specific aspects of the curricula in today’s global business landscape. They assist us in pinpointing specific competencies and skills students should possess to make the International Business Flagship Program more competitive and generate better informed, more interculturally aware graduates. Our members also help assess the college’s competitive environment by advising on strategies to not only recruit students to the major or degree programs, but also to identify internship and career opportunities.


IB Mission & Vision


The International Business Flagship Program aspires to facilitate the development of positive global citizens characterized by an understanding of the economic, political, social, cultural and environmental diversity and sustainability of the world.


To empower Coggin students, faculty and staff to better understand the global business environment through scholarly activities and academic programs.


  • To name the International Business Flagship Program
  • To create an International Business Flagship Community Advisory Board
  • To engage alumni of the International Business Flagship Program
  • To increase outside funding to support faculty scholarship and student study abroad

UNF International Business Team

Question Answer
Location Honors Hall (Building 10), Suite 2125
Hours Monday - Thursday | 9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
Hours Cont. Friday | 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
E-Mail (for study abroad inquiries)
Phone +1 (904) 620-2916
Fax +1 (904) 620-5864


Note: For information on UNF's study abroad opportunities, visit UNF Global Engagement.


Andres Gallo Headshot

  Andrés Gallo, Ph.D


International Business Flagship Program and UNF Global Engagement 

Professor of Economics

(904) 620 -1694

Dr. Gallo specializes in international economics issues, with focus on Latin America and economic development. He has written more than 30 research papers and participated in numerous conferences as presenter and speaker. He has focus on the political economy of property rights in diverse areas, including the US patent system, biotechnology and property rights in the context of economic development. Dr. Gallo has applied econometric techniques to address different issues in these areas of research. His teaching expertise includes international economics, econometrics, economic development, study abroad and Latin American economics. He has taught in several universities around the world and has led several study abroad courses to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Guatemala, Spain and Ghana.

Pingying Zhang Headshot   Pingying Zhang, Ph.D

Director, Center for International Business Studies

International Business Flagship Program

Professor of Management

(904) 620-2249

Dr. Zhang specializes in the area of strategy and entrepreneurship. She has written more than 20 research papers and presented research articles in numerous conferences. Dr. Zhang is particularly interested in researching group dynamics in boards of directors and risk-taking behavior in an entrepreneurial environment. Her teaching expertise includes strategy and business policy, organization theory, entrepreneurship and venture capital, and doing business in China.



Graduate Assistant, International Business Flagship Program