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Foreign Language

Placement & Proficiency for IB Majors


International Business majors are required to reach a specified level of proficiency in a foreign language as a graduation requirement.

Determining Appropriate Course Level for Students with Language Background

In order to know which foreign language course is appropriate for a given student's level of knowledge, the student must complete a placement test. The placement test is designed only to help students decide which foreign language course level is likely to be the most appropriate for them to take. The placement test is NOT a proficiency test and may not be used to determine proficiency.


International business majors should be learning as much foreign language as possible. That is, they should take courses as advanced as possible, to maximize proficiency. Therefore, international business majors are expected to take the placement test before beginning their junior year studies. Moreover, they are expected to enroll in the foreign language course indicated as most appropriate by the placement test.


Students wishing to complete UNF's free placement test in Spanish, French, or German should contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures for information. The on-line test takes approximately 15-45 minutes, depending on a student's language knowledge.

Demonstrating Proficiency in Foreign Language for International Business Majors

There are several ways to demonstrate proficiency:

  • Pass UNF's 4-course foreign language sequence through Intermediate II (minimum grade of "C" in order to proceed to next course in sequence)
  • Begin the foreign language course sequence at the level indicated by the placement test, including passing Intermediate II (minimum grade of "C")
  • Take the placement test and place at the Intermediate II level or higher, and then pass one 3000- or 4000-level foreign language course at UNF (minimum grade of "C")
  • For French, German, or Spanish only: pass the CLEP exam at a level high enough to qualify for placement above the Intermediate II level. Note: The CLEP is only available in these languages, and the CLEP allows UNF to award academic credit commensurate with the level of proficiency achieved.

Native Speakers of Foreign Language

Native speakers may petition the Coggin College of Business for their language requirement to be changed to free electives. Petitions must be accompanied by evidence that the student is a native speaker, e.g., proof of graduating from a foreign high school, college or university in which the language of instruction is a non-English language.

Heritage Speakers

Heritage speakers claiming foreign language proficiency must demonstrate proficiency through one of the methods indicated above.