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Warsaw, Poland GlobalMBA with student smiling at camera

Estimated Costs for GlobalMBA Program

Tuition Fees

Per the terms of the exchange agreements, each GlobalMBA student pays tuition and fees only at his or her home institution. All students pay $1,300 at the beginning of the program in order to cover a variety of student costs (see below).  Students also pay a public transportation student fee to TH-K, which allows students to receive discounts during the semester in Germany.  Otherwise, institutions will not charge any fees to students from the other institutions. UNF-selected students can view UNF tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state comparisons.


Students from U.S. states other than Florida may be eligible for in-state tuition rates of their state of residence. Visit the UNF Graduate School page explaining the Academic Common Market (UNF-ACM) website, a cooperative tuition-reduction agreement, to learn more.


Downloadable 2020-21 GlobalMBA Cost Estimates [coming soon]

GlobalMBA $1300 Payment

The $1,300 GlobalMBA payment is designed to help cover costs associated with student programming (e.g., thesis and cultural workshops, alumni networking events, business and cultural visits, etc.)  The total GlobalMBA $1300 payment provided by students to the consortium may be allocated in different amounts to different institutions, depending on their individual programming costs.


UNF will post the $1,300 charge to all GlobalMBA students' accounts at UNF in August, regardless of the student's home institution. All payments will be made to UNF prior to 15 August. Students who have not made the payment in full by the first day of class in Germany will not be permitted to continue in the GlobalMBA program. The GlobalMBA $1300 payment is non-refundable; students who choose to leave the program, either by choice or by not meeting minimum academic expectations, will not receive a refund, as programming reservations are generally made well in advance.

Other Program Costs

Students are responsible for all costs associated with the program, including home-school tuition and fees, GlobalMBA $1300 payment, transportation, lodging, other living expenses, insurance, books and supplies. UNF-selected students may review our scholarship page, as well as the below estimated costs for the current and upcoming cohorts:

Cohort 18: September 2018 - December 2019