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Undergraduate Scholarship

The Drive for Undergraduate Scholarship

Providing scholarships to Coggin College of Business students reduces financial strain while rewarding high academic performance. Each year, the State of Florida evaluates the State University System schools on ten metrics. Money raised for scholarships very positively impact our metrics by lowering the cost of education and allowing students more time in the classroom. The result is student retention and a healthier four-year graduation rate.

President Szymanski recently said that “since one in five UNF students is a First Generation student (meaning that they are the first person in their family to attend college) and many more have to work full or part time to pay for college, more scholarships will help attract, retain and graduate our students. I am asking you to please do what you can to help our students be successful.”

A gift to our scholarship fund of any amount will go a long way to help our students in Coggin!


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Gratitude from a Scholarship Recipient

“Thank you very much for your scholarship donation. It means a lot to me. As of right now, my goals are to finish my undergraduate career and pursue further graduate studies in economics. Your donations are a confirmation that I have excelled academically and certainly an inspiration for me to keep achieving my goals. I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”


Victor William Ribeiro Andrade
A Senior in the Coggin College of Business
Part of a note to his scholarship donor in May 2018