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Coggin Peer to Career Mentors

Peer to Career (P2C) Mentors specialize in providing Coggin students with professional career services helping business students find and acquire great internships, work experience, and full-time jobs. Hand selected as Coggin’s most successful third and fourth year students, each mentor has completed at least one internship/work experience and desire to share their career experiences with you. Mentors have worked within high profile companies such as Citi, Crowley, SS&C Advent, FIS Global, UNF Office of Internal Audit, non-profits, and more.


Which of our Peer to Career Mentors will help you find your next internship or full-time job?

Mentor Company Experiences

Mentor Services

All mentors undergo intensive career training.; over 30 hours of intensive career throughout the year. These part-time Coggin employees are well positioned to help you acquire great internships and full-time positions. Mentors specialize in providing career services designed especially for business majors, including:

  • Internships & Full-Time Jobs: helping Coggin students find and acquire great positions
  • Resume & cover letter creation and updates
  • Handshake & LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Osprey Career Fair & Coggin Career Week preparations
  • Elevator Pitch: creating an effective self-introduction to engage corporate recruiters
  • Mock interviewing

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Take Flight - Find Your Mentor

Finding professional guidance has never been easier for Coggin students. Are you ready? Your mentor is available this week to meet 1:1. Did you know most mentor appointments are with students a mentor has never met? Step out, P2C Mentors are trained to meet with students they have never previously met. Professionally trained, immediately available; which mentor will help you take flight with your next career steps?

Find Available Mentors

Meeting with a Mentor of Your Choice

Congratulations, as a Coggin student you have made a great choice alongside top business students to take your next professional steps. Figured out how to update your resume? Ready to find a paid internship or work experience to prepare for life post-college? Setup a time to connect now with your preferred mentor, what is the easiest way to schedule a meeting for your busy schedule?


Walk-In Advising Schedule Appointment by Phone Email Your Preferred Mentor

Walk-in anytime during P2C mentor scheduled hours

Call Coggin's CMC to set up any first available P2C Mentor appointment


(904) 620-2067

Browse mentors and directly email your preferred P2C Mentor. Mentors will respond within two business days of your email.


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