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Interested in becoming a Peer to Career Mentor?

The Coggin Peer to Career Mentor Program is a valuable volunteer opportunity with a two-semester commitment that includes 5 hours a week of free training and office hours. Peer Mentors learn, work, and develop professionally by partnering with Career Management Center staff. Peer mentors serve as a vital link between business students and our staff. The three major areas of responsibility are detailed below. To apply, click the application link on the right menu.


  1. Mentoring
    • Critique résumés and cover letters though walk-in advising.
    • Advise on internship search topics and resources.
    • Have impactful conversations with their peers regarding career development, job search strategies and professionalism.
    • Serve as a role model for successful career exploration and preparation.
  2. Outreach and education
    • Deliver presentations on career and job search topics to student organizations.
    • Design informational materials and presentations to educate students on the use of various CMC career resources.
    • Represent the CMC at market days, club meetings, and other events.
    • Participate in marketing and promotion of CMC events and services
  3. Project and programming assistance
    • Serve as a program/project assistant for ongoing programs/projects.
    • Assist with coordinating and executing special events and career programs.


  • Receive free weekly training designed to enhance your leadership and employability skills
  • Expand your network and build your resume
  • Refine your communication and mentoring skills
  • Receive personal recommendations from the Career Management Center to competitive positions of your choice
  • Earn a graduation stole at the end of your senior year for serving as Peer to Career Mentor