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Coggin Executive Mentors. Personal Connection, Professional Guidance. Mentors and students smiling
Coggin Executive Mentors. Personal connection. Person Guidance. Collage of people with their mentors.

Coggin Executive Mentor Program

About the Coggin Executive Mentor Program

This program is designed to enhance the classroom experience by linking students with leading executives for one-on-one mentoring. Mentors share career advice and valuable insight into the transition from college to work. Students build career networks and develop skills to become better professionals and leaders.

Info & Apply
Info & Apply

Program Goals

  • Give Coggin students real-world access to business practices through meaningful and personalized interactions with business professionals
  • Equip students with tools and insight to make informed and ethical career decisions
  • Confirm or challenge the student's chosen degree and career path
  • Groom students into confident graduates with leadership, teamwork, creative thinking and interpersonal skills through coaching and feedback
  • Foster learning through the experience and expertise of a mentor and his/her colleagues and industry peers


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