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Accounting Employer Showcase, Sept. 17, 11am to 5:30pm and Sept. 18, Noon-2pm. Virtual in Handshake.

Accounting Employer Showcase Information


Accounting Employer Showcase Fall 2020 Virtual Events 
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Employer Session Descriptions  Session Descriptions

                                   *Last updated 10 September 2020                                 *View prior year's schedules and sessions  


September 17th | Thursday | Employer Virtual Break-Out Sessions

Pivot CPAs: COVID: Unmasking the “New Normal” at Work

11:00-11:50am, Virtual Zoom Room #1 Click Here LIVE

Are you worried about how COVID has changed the workplace? Curious how it will impact your future? Come join our session as we discuss how to adapt and embrace the new normal. We will go over how to achieve your full potential in a virtual working environment and cultivate effective communication skills to be a part of a collaborative team.

Ernst & Young (EY): Careers in Accounting

11:00-11:50am, Virtual Zoom Room #2 Click Here LIVE

Accounting encompasses so many things. Accounting is about helping clients build trust and confidence in their business, having a seat at the table as a trusted business advisor, and it’s about using your natural curiosity to see the big picture and unlock patterns. It’s about asking the better questions to get better answers, helping your clients arrive to better solutions. Your background in accounting will create a world of opportunity. Join us to learn more about accounting careers at EY and why we’re looking to bring extraordinary people, like you, into the accounting profession to help us achieve our purpose of building a better working world!

Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG): Acing Accounting Interviews

Noon-12:50pm, Virtual Zoom Room #3 Click Here LIVE

Fall recruitment can be a whirlwind, and there is one thing on your mind-landing that perfect job or internship. Do you want the inside scoop on how to ace an accounting interview? Dixon Hughes Goodman is here to help! DHG is a regional public accounting firm known for its mission statement of putting people first. Come join us as we expose the ins and outs of the campus interviewing process and how you can make yourself stand out and showcase your personality.

KPMG: Audit Vs. Tax

Noon-12:50pm, Virtual Zoom Room #4 Click Here LIVE

Interested in learning more about what a career path in audit and tax looks like at KPMG? Join us for a panel discussion comprised of KPMG professionals from both service groups to learn which practice might be the best fit for you. During this panel, our audit and tax professionals will illustrate what their typical day and schedule looks like at KPMG. We will also be answering questions you may have regarding internship and fulltime opportunities with our Jacksonville office. We hope you can make it!

Florida Auditor General: Throwing Tradition Out the Window

Noon-12:50pm, Virtual Zoom Room #5 Click Here LIVE

Did you postpone starting college? Are you juggling a full-time job, child or other responsibilities while going to school? Do you worry these differences might affect your ability to find a job after graduation? A yes to any of these questions makes you a nontraditional student. Nontraditional students bring a host of valuable skills to the employment table. Join Michelle Maguire from the Florida Auditor General’s Office as she discusses how to transform your life experiences into a successful career in accounting. Michelle will also be discussing the Florida Auditor General’s Office and available opportunities.

Johnson Lambert: Life Outside the Big Four

1:00-1:50pm, Virtual Zoom Room #6 Click Here LIVE

Join Johnson Lambert to learn more about the advantages of joining a smaller/ regional size firm. Topics to be included are typical work, busy season hours, travel, opportunities, and more!

RSM: Accounting Recruitment 101

1:00-1:50pm, Virtual Zoom Room #7 Click Here LIVE

So you decided accounting is the major for you; do you know what the recruiting process is like? When should you start talking to employers? What should you expect? Are you too early or too late? RSM is the leading provider of Audit, Tax and Consulting to the Middle Market globally and we are actively searching for the next First- Choice Advisors! RSM is hiring for Fall 2021 audit & tax associates as well as 2021 winter & summer interns for our various offices throughout Florida and the United States.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC): Leading in a Digital World

4:30-5:30pm, Virtual Zoom Room #8 Click Here LIVE

Do you have the Digital skills you need to enter the workforce? What does "Digital" mean at PwC? We are driving a digital mindset in everything we do—the way we work, the way we learn, the way we solve important problems and the way we team with our clients. Join us to learn how we are investing in our people by giving them the digital tools and capabilities they need—to be more innovative, more agile and more digitally enabled.

Ennis Pellum & Associates: Local Firms Shattering the Myth

4:30-5:30pm, Virtual Zoom Room #9 Click Here LIVE

True or False: The best accounting jobs are all outside local firms? Not sure how to answer? Let us help clarify. Join Ennis, Pellum & Associates as we unpack core differences between working for accounting firms at the local level vs following other career paths. For the past 10 years, Ennis, Pellum & Associates have received over 31 awards from Accounting Today, Florida Trend Magazine, the Jacksonville Business Journal, and 904 Magazine as ‘Best Company to Work For,’ Best Accounting Firm to Work For’ and more. Stay local, launch local. Career opportunities in tax and audit will also be discussed.

Grant Thornton: Emotional Intelligence…The Key Ingredient to Great Leaders

4:30-5:30pm, Virtual Zoom Room #10 Click Here LIVE

What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important? Grant Thornton will be explaining what emotional intelligence is and why is it one of the key characteristics of great leadership. Grant Thornton is one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax, and advisory firms. We have audit and tax internship and full time opportunities available. Join us for a unique session to discover how you can propel your career forward by building your leadership skills.

September 18th | Friday | Employer Virtual Tabling Showcase

Accounting Employer Showcase

Noon-2pm, Virtual Handshake Room Click Here LIVE

With 15+ accounting related employers attending this virtual tabling event, all students interested in pursuing careers in accounting will have the opportunity to network with employers for both internships and full-time opportunities in a variety of accounting related areas.


All attending companies are found on the Pre-Coggin Career Week Accounting Employer Showcase within Handshake