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ACCOUNTING CAREER EXPOEmployer Session Topic Ideas


  1. Careers in Corporate Accounting
  2. Big 4 Recruitment: Understanding the Process
    1. Consulting & Advisory Services
    2. Office Culture Overview
    3. Myths in Public Accounting
  3. Summer Leadership Opportunities
  4. CPA Review
  5. Excelling with Excel: A Microsoft Excel Topical Discussion
    1. How Excel Is used
    2. What formulas college grads must know to be successful
    3. NOT teaching how to use Excel; Overview of importance in practice
  6. Audit Vs. Tax: Summing Up the Difference
    1. Two Presenters: one from audit, one from tax
  7. New Accountant Hire Expectations: Excel & Data Analytics
    1. What skill sets firms are really hiring for
    2. Analytical data skills: what can students learn now
  8. Government Accounting
  9. Forensic Accounting
  10. Audit Skills Sets: What are they and how do I get them
  11. The Future of Accounting: Any topic any industry
  12. Internship Accounting Panel: Former Coggin Accounting Interns Tell All
    1. Panel Discussion topics: How found internship; interview process
    2. Advice to myself as a freshmen/sophomore
  13. Coggin to Accounting Career: Making the student to accounting staff transition
    1. Typical Day, work life balance, office culture surprises
    2. Interning Vs. FT Jobs


  1. Industry Overview
  2. Career Tools: Interviewing, LinkedIn, Resume, Elevator Pitch
  3. Panel Discussion on any topic
  4. Young Alumni Panel
  5. Intern Panel
  6. Other Topics: Employer Preferences or Popular Company Slide Deck