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Gladys Prior Awards

The Gladys Prior Awards for Career Teaching Excellence Recipients

The Gladys Prior Awards for Career Teaching Excellence are among the largest monetary awards for teachers in the nation. Gilchrist Berg, founder and president of a Jacksonville investment company, established the awards in 1998 to honor his 4th grade teacher at Ortega Elementary School, Gladys Prior. In addition, Mr. Berg honored his 6th grade teacher, Gladys Roddenberry, by naming five UNF graduate scholarships after her. Mr. Berg has pledged over $2,000,000 to continue these awards for Duval County public and private school teachers.


"Teachers are one of our most important assets. We simply don't do enough to remind ourselves of their great influence on us every day of our life. Maybe in some small way, these awards will cause others to reflect on the great contributions teachers have made to their lives and the life of their families."

Gilchrist Berg


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