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College of Education and Human Services Ambassador Program

College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Ambassadors are driven, motivated, and creative COEHS students that serve as student representatives. Not only do they serve as role models to current and prospective COEHS students, but they also are the face of the college to the greater UNF community. COEHS Ambassadors are an honorary group of students selected to represent the college at special events on campus and in our community.


Ambassadors play a fundamental role in the implementation of on- and off-campus COEHS programs and events. Potential opportunities to serve as an Ambassador include open houses, resource fairs, and elementary, middle, or high school visits. COEHS Ambassadors have the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their experiences at UNF and within the College of Education and Human Services and receive professional workshops enhancing their leadership.

Headshot of Ambassador Alex Newman

Alex - Deaf Education and International Studies

Alex chose UNF because COEHS offered a program in Deaf Education and worked with her to make it possible for her to pursue a double major and double minor. Alex will tell you how the staff at UNF have been supportive and encouraging at every part of her educational journey. She loves getting to meet different people at various events. She also like the chance to discuss her college experience with people and provide them with insight that she hopes impacts them positively. Her favorite event so far has been the science fair event at FSCJ. The Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind (FSDB) Elementary School was there, and she was able to lead a group of students to various science experiments.
Headshot of Ambassador Alexis

Alexis - Elementary Education

Alexis chose UNF for three main reasons. UNF had both of her passions, Elementary Education and Deaf Studies. Secondly, the campus is beautiful, and the class sizes are small. Thirdly, the first time Alexis walked on campus it felt natural, a place she knew she would succeed; it felt like home. Her favorite thing about being an Ambassador is the relationships that she has built not only with other Ambassadors but with faculty, staff, and prospective students. Alexis has grown and learned from Ambassadors that have come and gone and what it means to be a representative of UNF, how to act a step higher professionally and overall, how to have fun while sharing our joy with prospective students. Whenever she shares her experiences with prospective students, she never truly felt the power of her words. When a prospective student emailed her and shared how much the information Alexis shared impacted their decision to attend UNF and what to study, she realized the impact of words and connection.
Headshot of Ambassador Alissa Westbrook

Alissa - Sport Management

Alissa chose UNF because of the location. She is a Jacksonville native and getting to stay home and attend a wonderful college was perfect for her. Alissa is looking forward to being able to better equip incoming students and form relationships with each of them. She also looks forward to learning more about the responsibilities of a great leader and professional.
Headshot of Ambassador AnneMarie

AnneMarie - ASL, Deaf Education

AnneMarie chose UNF for its personalized instruction. A good professor to student ratio was uncompromisable in her book, and UNF keeps class sizes small to ensure an intimate learning environment. She has become close with her peers and instructors, and her academic performance would not be the same if this weren’t the case. As an Ambassador, she has loved being able to provide students with guidance and support. She knew that coming into a new college can be a daunting experience, so the Ambassador program has allowed her to share her passion whole-heartedly. AnneMarie’s favorite events are the high school college fairs. She remembers her transition into college being overwhelming. Now that she’s standing on the other side of the table, she can share her personal experience and provide students with options.
Headshot of Ambassador Brianna Aversa

Brianna - Elementary Education

Brianna chose UNF because she absolutely loved the natural environment surrounding it and the small class sizes that allowed for greater connections with her professors and peers. With her new role as an Ambassador, she looks forward to building her leadership abilities, working on public speaking, and creating connections with the people she’ll meet through this amazing opportunity. She is also excited to become more involved in the communities in and around Jacksonville.
Headshot of Ambassador Doug Rinier

Doug - Educational Leadership: Athletic Administration

Doug chose UNF because Jacksonville is a great city and has a plethora of opportunities for working in sports. His favorite part of being an Ambassador is interacting with parents and students and helping them make decisions in regards to their education. His favorite event has been the open house events because he gets the opportunity to meet students interested in the sport management program!
Headshot of Ambassador Gary

Gary - Educational Leadership: Athletic Administration

Gary’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is having the opportunity to connect with prospective students and their families and providing them with all types of information about UNF, the COEHS and the Sport Management Program. Whenever he speaks to a prospective student or their family member, his goal is to demonstrate why UNF is the place for them! His favorite event he has worked is the "Training U" seminar at TPC Sawgrass. He enjoyed this event so much because he had the opportunity to inform students who are considering a career in sports, the outstanding opportunities they will have in the Sport Management program at UNF. Gary chose UNF for the nationally ranked Sport Management program (which he is now a graduate of), the personalized education and because Jacksonville is such a sport rich city. Gary is currently pursuing his graduate degree in Educational Leadership.
Headshot of Ambassador Hayley

Hayley - English Education and English

After attending an open house of the College of Education and Human Services, Hayley felt at home. UNF was the perfect fit for her. UNF has her degree program, dedicated professors, smaller class sizes, and a welcoming environment. Hayley’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is to get to welcome new students into our program and community. It’s inspiring being around many future educators. Together, the Ambassadors share their passion for students and strategies to use in their future classrooms. Her favorite events thus far have been the STEP (Solve, Tinker, Explore and Play) Lab visits. As a Secondary English Education major, she never gets to work with elementary age students or STEM related content, but these events allow her to get the best of both worlds. It’s always so fun and sweet seeing the local, visiting students’ faces light up as they build and move their LEGO robots. It has been teaching practice for me to help at the STEP Lab and learn skills outside of my degree, like coding.
Headshot of Ambassador Jacob Prail

Jacob - Sport Management

Jacob chose UNF because he loved UNF for the atmosphere and because of what UNF is surrounded by, whether it’s the St. Johns Town Center or the Beaches as well as being so close to Daytona. He was also looking for a school with small class sizes. As a new Ambassador, Jacob is looking forward to meeting new students and growing his leadership skills and hopefully representing UNF to the fullest.
Headshot of Ambassador Karsyn Starling

Karsyn - Elementary Education

Karsyn chose UNF for many reasons. The campus is amazing and it’s the perfect size, has Chick-Fil-A, and hundreds of clubs. UNF’s faculty and staff are also great. When she visited UNF for the first time, she knew it was the place for her, especially due to the small class sizes. As an Ambassador, she is looking forward to helping other students find their place at UNF. She is so honored to represent COEHS and looks forward to taking on the responsibilities that come with being an Ambassador. She has already learned so much about the COEHS and is looking forward to learning even more, as well as gaining leadership and communication skills. She also looks forward to making new friends. She is so excited to get started.
Headshot of Ambassador Mackenzie Argyle

Mackenzie - Elementary Education

Mackenzie chose UNF because of the small class sizes, the beautiful campus scenery and environment, and the unique opportunities for connections with classmates, professors, faculty, and surrounded communities! As a new Ambassador, she is looking forward to making connections with prospective students, gaining leadership experience, and sharing her passion for education.
Headshot of Ambassador Moriah Newby

Moriah - Asl/English Interpreting

Moriah chose UNF because it was the only school that would allow her to pursue her professional goals. As a new addition to the Ambassador team, she’s looking forward to helping students learn about and connect with their academic and professional passions.
Headshot of Ambassador Naomi Sein

Naomi - Special Education

Naomi likes to say that UNF chose her. Before selecting a University to attend, she had many different opportunities presented to her through UNF. She was a part of the different future educators’ program at her high school and through that program, she spent a lot of time at UNF prior to attending. As a new Ambassador, she looks forward to learning more about the College of Education and Human Services and sharing her passion for education with new and incoming UNF students.
Headshot of Ambassador Toni

Toni - American Sign Language (ASL)/English Interpreting

Toni’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is connecting with students from all around Florida. Her favorite memories are working on leadership development with elementary students, writing a letter to a prospective student about her experiences, as well as working with students from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB). Her favorite event was when FSDB came for a school tour. During the event, Toni was able to sign and engage with all the students as well as watch the FSDB student teach our UNF students in ASL I new signs and sign names.

Are you interested in being a COEHS Ambassador?

Application Criteria

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Commit at least 15-20 hours per semester
  • Commit to two sequential terms (e.g. fall and spring)
  • Positively represent UNF & the College of Education & Human Services
  • Maintain professionalism in the way that one dresses, speaks, and acts
  • Effectively communicate positive experiences of UNF/COEHS with prospective students, parents, community members, and faculty and staff through one's actions
  • Assist with recruitment and present at events
  • Attend all trainings and scheduled meetings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Current member and actively involved with a COEHS student club or organization
  • Strong knowledge of the College of Education and Human Services programs
  • Preference given to students that are in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior year

If interested, please complete the application.


Applications are reviewed by the Ambassador Committee. Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview.


For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment, Jade Yuen or (904) 620-1649.