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College of Education and Human Services Ambassador Program

College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Ambassadors are driven, motivated, and creative COEHS students that serve as student representatives. Not only do they serve as role models to current and prospective COEHS students, but they also are the face of the college to the greater UNF community. COEHS Ambassadors are an honorary group of students selected to represent the college at special events on campus and in our community.


Ambassadors play a fundamental role in the implementation of on- and off-campus COEHS programs and events. Potential opportunities to serve as an Ambassador include open houses, resource fairs, and elementary, middle, or high school visits. COEHS Ambassadors have the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their experiences at UNF and within the College of Education and Human Services and receive professional workshops enhancing their leadership.

Application Criteria

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Commit at least 15-20 hours per semester
  • Commit to two sequential terms (e.g. fall and spring)
  • Positively represent UNF & the College of Education & Human Services
  • Maintain professionalism in the way that one dresses, speaks, and acts
  • Effectively communicate positive experiences of UNF/COEHS with prospective students, parents, community members, and faculty and staff through one's actions
  • Assist with recruitment and present at events
  • Attend all trainings and scheduled meetings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Current member and actively involved with a COEHS student club or organization
  • Strong knowledge of the College of Education and Human Services programs
  • Preference given to students that are in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior year

If interested, please complete the application.


Applications are reviewed by the Ambassador Committee. Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview.


For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment, Jade Yuen or (904) 620-1649.

2018/2019 COEHS Ambassadors


Major: Deaf Education

Graduation: Fall 2018

Brianna is a senior majoring in Deaf Education with a minor in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies.

She is an education major because she aspires to make a difference in students' lives and positively impact the community through education.

Brianna believes that education spreads far beyond the classroom, and she plans to make a difference in the lives of as many students as possible.


Major: Elementary Education

Graduation: Fall 2018

Carli is a senior majoring in Elementary Education. She currently serves as Vice President and Treasurer in the Student Florida Education Association club, and is an active member in the UNF Pep Band, Campus Church, and In His Image (a Special Needs Program) at Fruit Cove Baptist Church. She is an education major because she has been working with kids since she was in middle school and has greatly enjoyed it. Carli had some teachers in elementary and high school that inspired her. She hopes to be like the teachers that motivated her, so she can inspire others and give her students the best opportunities to learn.


Major: Elementary Education

Graduation: Fall 2018

Lindsay is a senior studying Elementary Education. She is a resident of the Jacksonville Teacher Residency Program at Andrew A. Robinson Elementary School. Lindsay is currently a childcare provider with her church as well as a Respite Provider through the Early Learning Coalition of Duval County. She is an education major because she wants to make a difference in a child's life by having the ability to nurture and encourage a child to follow their dreams. Lindsay loves the feeling she gets when a child who has been struggling to understand a particular topic in a subject finally understands that topic or grasps the information.


Major: Deaf Education

Graduation: Fall 2020

Lauryn is a junior studying Deaf Education with a double minor in American Sign Language/Deaf Studies and Chemistry. She currently serves as a Resident Assistant on campus and is a first year experience mentor during the summer for UNF. Lauryn is an education major because she wants to inspire and teach future generations. She aspires to teach because when she was in K-12, her teachers were some of the best role models and really guided her towards her future. Lauryn hopes to do the same for her future students.


Major: Psychology and Early Childhood Development

Graduation: Spring 2019

Amani is a junior completing a dual degree in Psychology and Early Childhood Development. She is currently a member of the Student Florida Education Association, National Society of Women in Science, American Chemical Society, Ospreys for Refugee Relief, Student Justice for Palestine, Muslim Student Association, and the Neuroscience club on campus. Amani is an education major because she absolutely loves teaching and children. She wants to share her skills in hopes of bringing impact and imprinting hope on the leaders of our future.


Major: Elementary Education

Graduation: Fall 2020

Amanda is a junior studying Elementary Education. She is a Jacksonville native and mentors local high school band students. Amanda believes in the whole-child and that teaching is about way more than the textbooks and tests. She believes that educating the whole-child means teaching them social-emotional skills and allowing children to develop socially through play and interaction. Her passion for teaching is kindled by watching children as they learn and grow. She aspires to be the teacher that children remember much more than just textbooks and tests, but that she impacts them to be a better person.


Major: Exceptional Student Education

Graduation: Fall 2018

Erika is a junior studying Exceptional Student Education. Since she was a little girl, Erika has wanted to become an educator. After having two children of her own, she is now putting her dreams into reality. Erika aspires to teach because she wants to make an impact in children's lives. Growing up, her teachers truly helped her grow. Therefore, she believes educators are such an important part of a child's life, especially for children who may not get that support at home.