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College of Education and Human Services Ambassador Program

College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Ambassadors are driven, motivated, and creative COEHS students that serve as student representatives. Not only do they serve as role models to current and prospective COEHS students, but they also are the face of the college to the greater UNF community. COEHS Ambassadors are an honorary group of students selected to represent the college at special events on campus and in our community.


Ambassadors play a fundamental role in the implementation of on- and off-campus COEHS programs and events. Potential opportunities to serve as an Ambassador include open houses, resource fairs, and elementary, middle, or high school visits. COEHS Ambassadors have the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their experiences at UNF and within the College of Education and Human Services and receive professional workshops enhancing their leadership.

Application Criteria

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Commit at least 15-20 hours per semester
  • Commit to two sequential terms (e.g. fall and spring)
  • Positively represent UNF & the College of Education & Human Services
  • Maintain professionalism in the way that one dresses, speaks, and acts
  • Effectively communicate positive experiences of UNF/COEHS with prospective students, parents, community members, and faculty and staff through one's actions
  • Assist with recruitment and present at events
  • Attend all trainings and scheduled meetings

Preferred Qualifications

  • Current member and actively involved with a COEHS student club or organization
  • Strong knowledge of the College of Education and Human Services programs
  • Preference given to students that are in their freshmen, sophomore, and junior year

If interested, please complete the application.


Applications are reviewed by the Ambassador Committee. Qualified applicants will be invited for an interview.


For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Outreach and Recruitment, Jade Yuen or (904) 620-1649.

2018/2019 COEHS Ambassadors

Ambassador Alexis


Major: Elementary Education


As a new Ambassador, Alexis is looking forward to making connections with different people as well as inspiring others the way that Ambassadors have inspired her. So far, her favorite part about being an Ambassador has been getting to meet and make connections with a variety of people as well as helping incoming students find their home at UNF. 

 Ambassador Toni


Major: American Sign Language (ASL)/English Interpreting


Toni’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is connecting with students from all around Florida. Her favorite memories are working on leadership development with elementary students, writing a letter to a prospective student about her experiences, as well as working with students from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (FSDB). Her favorite event was when FSDB came for a school tour. During the event, Toni was able to sign and engage with all the students as well as watch the FSDB student teach our UNF students in ASL I new signs and sign names.

 Ambassador Baleigh


Major: Elementary Education


Baleigh’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is getting to interact with prospective students, elementary aged students, high school students as well as getting to meet teachers, principals, and interacting with individuals from other schools and colleges. Her favorite event that she has worked so far is our UNF open house because she got to meet many families, make some new friends, and share her experience at UNF as a transfer student and switching majors. 

 Ambassador Alexa


Major: Deaf Education


Alexa has loved getting to meet so many new people and being able to reach out to prospective students. Encouraging the prospective students to follow their passion regardless of what their peers say is very rewarding to her. Her favorite event has been the ASL class presentation at Creekside High School. Alexa thought it was so cool to see so many students interested in ASL. She wishes she had that opportunity in high school, so she loved seeing their excitement during the UNF College of Education and Human Services presentation.


 Ambassador Michaela


Major: English Education


Michaela has enjoyed the connections she has made with both her peers and the students she gets to talk to at any event. She loves sharing her passion with others and helping students figure out what they want to do in their future. Ambassadors always have this sense of drive to help students while still having fun themselves. At one of our COEHS open houses, she met another student who wanted to pursue the same career path as her. While she was there to help the student out, Michaela also got to learn about other opportunities she could consider. With events like this, it seems like everyone learns something new with each conversation. 

 Ambassador Kaitlynn


Major: Deaf Education


Kaitlynn’s favorite part about being an Ambassador is having the opportunity to give back to the institution that has had such an impactful role in shaping her professional life. She can help prospective students find their own niche in which this growth can occur for them. So far, she has enjoyed attending a teachers of tomorrow meeting at Jacksonville Beach Elementary School. The fifth-grade students discussed setting goals and identifying things they can and cannot control. She was grateful to have facilitated this activity for society's next emerging leaders. She is most looking forward to connecting with high school students who are interested in COEHS. 

 Ambassador Wes


Major: Deaf Education


Wes’s favorite part about being an Ambassador is getting middle and high school students excited about college. UNF has a lot to offer and he enjoys telling future students about the different possibilities they can have here at UNF. It is hard for Wes to pick his favorite event because all of them are unique and great in their own way. It would be a two-way tie between giving a personal tour with a prospective Deaf Education student and assisting in a tour of 15 students from FSDB. Both of which are special to Wes because he has the same passion as the one that wants to go into Deaf Education as well as has a personal connection with the students from FSDB. 


 Ambassador Amani Amani

Major: Applied Behavior Analysis

Amani’s favorite part about being an Ambassador has been the concrete impact you see happen in front of your eyes. At our event at TPC Sawgrass, she recalls watching two eyes become bold after informing a student about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Amani loved that she could shorten their journey to learning about its existence. The invitation to assist in the National Association for Professional Development Schools Conference (NAPDS) was truly a moving experience. Amani had the honor to meet universities with advanced teaching practices, current and retired teachers and become familiar with our sister states and all their tremendous research that have been effective in the field of education for life-long impact. 

 Ambassador Gary Gary 

Major: Sport Management


Gary’s favorite part of being an Ambassador is having the opportunity to connect with prospective students and their families and providing them with all types of information about UNF, the COEHS and the Sport Management Program. Whenever he speaks to a prospective student or their family member, his goal is to demonstrate why UNF is the place for them! His favorite event he has worked is the "Training U" seminar at TPC Sawgrass. He enjoyed this event so much because he had the opportunity to inform students who are considering a career in sports, the outstanding opportunities they will have in the Sport Management program at UNF. 

 Ambassador Hayley Hayley

Major: English Education


Hayley is so excited to be joining the COEHS ambassadors this semester. She is looking forward to getting more involved in the Jacksonville community and schools with the different events we do. She has really enjoyed the education program at UNF so far and looks forward to promoting the resources we have on campus and the teaching profession.