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Portfolio Requirement for Educational Technology, Training and Development

Students seeking a master's of Educational Leadership focusing on Instructional Technology must develop an Instructional Technology Portfolio to document mastery of all the major ISTE competency areas for technology leadership.

The current ISTE competencies are woven into the courses that are offered in UNF's IT master's program. In order to fulfill the Instructional Technology Portfolio requirement students assemble two examples products for each of the eight areas that they produced within the context of each of the courses that they took in the program. The items to be included are to provide documentation for each of the eight subsections of the Educational Technology Leadership standards (TL-I - TL-VIII). Which each items there must be a rational statement explaining how the product meets the standard. These products may be organized electronically online, on a CD or may be compiled in a notebook or portfolio. Projects should be organized according to the standards, not by courses that the student completed, with an index in front (see below), and a complete listing of the associated competencies included in the back of the notebook or on the CD. The Instructional Technology Portfolio should be turned in to the student's advisor during the semester in which the student graduates, no later than the last day of classes for the semester.


Which each of the eight portfolio components there should be:

  1. Two items for each area
  2. Statement of the item included for documentation
  3. Listing of where the item was developed
  4. Standard being documented (including the main standard [TL-I - TL-VIII], the subsection [A-F], and the specific area [1-7]).
  5. Rationale on how the item demonstrates the abilities/components of the standard.