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Sport Management 


UNF's #4-ranked sport management program is situated in sports-rich Jacksonville where our students are afforded experiential and community-based learning and industry experience. The relationships with reputable sport organizations, built by our exemplary faculty and students since the program's inception, allow Sport Management students unparalleled professional development opportunities. We are proud of our partnerships with many sport organizations, and below are just some of the Jacksonville-area organizations we are privileged to work with:

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The sport management degree program at The University of North Florida (UNF) has received specialized accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) located in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Our Bachelor of Science in Sport Management program is accredited by COSMA. For more information about Student Learning Outcomes and Program Accreditation please click the Public Disclosure link below.

Official 2019 COSMA Seal

Public Disclosure

The COSMA Accredited Sport Management program is reflective of the fast-paced and growing sports industry across the country. The program of study provides an academic foundation in sports management for application in a variety of sports settings. Of further significance is that students receive valuable employment training though practicum and internship experiences in chosen settings including: college recreation or athletic programs, community recreation agencies, sport organizations or business, sport facilities, and professional sports teams.

Admission to the Program

Those entering the Sport Management program must meet University admissions requirements as well as the following admission requirements of a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

GPA Policy

All program of study course work, including prerequisites, must be completed with a grade of C or higher.


Internship & Practicum Opportunities

We provide exciting Sport Management Program Practicum and Intern sites in sports-rich Jacksonville and beyond. This experiential learning provides students hands-on experience under the supervision of a professional in the industry, allowing development in the field and career growth opportunities.


Two students during their internship at a Jacksonville Jaguars home game  Sport management students posing with a trophy at Houston Astros stadium Sport management student kicking a soccer ball during internship with Jacksonville Armada Football Club

  • Approval of the Practicum or Internship site is only required if the site is not currently listed as an approved site.
  • If your selected site is not on the approved site list, please complete this form and return it to Jean Leone,Office Manager, (904-620-1988).
  • Approval will be required by program faculty member BEFORE you submit your application. In order to do so, you will need to make an appointment with a sport management faculty member.
  • Students can register for Practicum (SPM 3948C) or Internship (SPM 4941) ONLY after they have been academically cleared through their academic advisor.

The application deadline for practicum and internships is always: Summer Term - March 31, Fall Term - June 30, Spring Term - October 31.


The application and agreement form can be completed using this survey.

Prerequisites that must be met prior to Practicum:

  • ACG 2021 Financial Accounting
  • ECO 2013 Macroeconomics
  • SPM 2000 Intro Sport Management
  • You must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better
  • All incompletes must be removed

Prerequisites that must be met prior to Internship:

  • You must have satisfactorily completed practicum.
  • You must have a grade point average of 2.0 or better.
  • You must have successfully completed all critical tasks.
  • All incompletes must be removed.

Note: You should intern when your personal schedule will allow you to fully commit to the internship.


You must have completed ALL of your program requirements on your program of study. College policy does not permit taking a course with your internship. If you require a special accommodation to take a course during your internship you will be required to meet with your advisor as you will need to complete a petition form.

Study Abroad

 Affording our sport management students the opportunity to study abroad provides them with unique opportunities to learn how to adapt to an academic setting different from their own. In turn, this allows them to stand out from the crowd when they go on to pursue challenging and exciting careers in sport organizations. The College of Education and Human Services is offering two study aboard opportunities for sport management students in May and June of 2020:


South Korea (May 14 - 24) 

This study abroad trip will provide the opportunity for sport management students to visit sport facilities, attend sporting events, meet leading industry professionals and learn about Korean culture and education. During the study abroad experience, sport management students will travel to Jeju Island, Daejeon, Jeonju, Mokpo, Gwangju, and Seoul. They will have the opportunity to visit Daejeon World Cup Stadium, Golfzon Headquarters Tour, Seoul World Cup Stadium, Blizzard Esports, Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Sites, Sports Monster Corporation and much more. Contact Dr. Wanyong Choi ( for more information!


Two students with Dr. Wanyong Choi pose with a statue at Golfzon Headquarters during 2019 South Korea Study Abroad trip   UNF students pose with Korean Wave Cultural Exchange Taekwondo Activation Program participants


England (May 24 - June 10)  

In collaboration with the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum, this six-week study abroad will provide the opportunity for sport management students to have first-hand experience to visit sport organizations and to learn the philosophy and principles of the sport industry. During the study abroad experience, sport management students will travel to Chester, Plymouth, and London. Contact Dr. Liz Gregg ( for more information!

Sport management students pose in front of tourist attraction in England during study abroad trip with Dr. Liz Gregg



Career Services

COEHS Career Services is here to help you achieve your goals. We are dedicated to helping the students and alumni in the College of Education and Human Services plan and prepare for a successful career in their field. Click here to visit the official Career Services page.


Q: What is the difference between practicum and internship?

A: Your practicum is a shorter experience where you are required to complete roughly 75 hours in the field. Typically, students take their practicum the semester before their internship, which is a 400-hour requirement in the summer semester and 420-hour requirement in the spring and fall semesters.


Q: Where can I do my practicum and internship?

A: Check out the list of approved sites.


Q: How and when do I apply for my practicum and internship?

A: The application deadline for all semesters is the EIGHTH FRIDAY of each semester. Apply using this link.


Q: Can I study abroad?

A: We currently have opportunities for students to travel to England and South Korea. Learn more here:Study Abroad Sport page


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about the program?

A: Dr. Kristi Sweeney is the program director ( For advising questions, contact Hailey Miller (

Course Map

This Osprey Map provides a term-by-term sample schedule for the sport management program. It is designed to guide students in the selection of courses each term.


Online Sport Management with Marketing Minor

Sport Management Students working at a Jaguars Game


The online sport management degree program with a minor in marketing is designed for competitive upper division applicants (60 or more earned credit hours or an AA degree). The program curriculum allows students to combine a passion for sports with a strong background in sport management and marketing. It is designed to provide students a comprehensive academic schedule and integrative experiences that keeps each cohort of students together throughout their two years of coursework. Upon completion, graduates will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management with a minor in Marketing - preparing them to meet the demands of the sport business industry.Students will develop industry-proven skills in sport marketing, analytics, and finance through market-relevant coursework and experiential learning.


This program is completely online. 100% online instruction makes this program ideal for students who may not have the time, flexible schedules, and/or resources to travel to campus. This program does not require students to vist the campus at any time during their enrollment. However, students should note that the program does require students to complete the practicum and internship hours in-person with a sport industry organization.


This online program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals. The online format provides an alternative to face-to-face courses of study that allows students to conveniently integrate their academic work into their lifestyles. The courses are designed to meet the specific educational needs of persons with work experience, while allowing opportunities for networking with peers and community leaders. This program provides a structured cohort that allows students to meet their professional demands while conveniently earning their degree. After two years, and a total completion of 60 credit hours you'll graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management with a minor in Marketing.

Program Highlights

  • 100% Online Coursework
  • Cohort Model (each cohort begins in the Fall semester)
  • Learn from experienced faculty
  • Engage with the nation's leading professionals in Sports
  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management with a minor in Marketing


Students must apply by July 1 for Fall admission

Upper-level Transfer Admissions Requirements


Apply Now

Helpful Links

Required Courses


  • ACG2021 Principles of Financial Accounting (3 credits)
  • ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)
  • STA2023 Elementary Statistics for Business (3 credits)

Term 1

  • SPM2000 Intro to Sport Management (3 credits)
  • SPB3603 Diversity in Sport (3 credits)
  • SPM3306 Sport Marketing (3 credits)
  • PET3493 Issues in Sport (3 credits)
  • MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 credits)

Term 2

  • SPM3044 Governance & NCAA Compliance (3 credits)
  • PET4464 Sport Finance (3 credits)
  • PET3473 Communication in Sport (3 credits)
  • SPM4516 Fundraising & Development in Sport (3 credits)
  • MAR4400 Professional Selling (3 credits)

Term 3 (Summer)

  • MAR4503 Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
  • Outstanding AGC2021, ECO2013, STA2023 (3 credits each)

Term 4

  • SPM3948C Sport Management Practicum (3 credits)
  • PET4476 Sport Law (3 credits)
  • SPM4703 Sport Business Analytics (3 credits)
  • PET3104 Sport Facility Management (3 credits)
  • MAR4721 Digital Marketing (3 credits)

Term 5

  • SPM4941 Sport Management Internship (12 credits)

For questions about this sport management program and curriculum questions you, contact Dr. Kristi Sweeney at

Sport Management Honors

Major: Sport Management

Concentration: Accelerated B.S. to M.Ed.

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Program Highlights

This is an accelerated bachelor (B.S. in Sport Management) to master's degree program

  • Students will complete the B.S. degree and matriculate into the master's degree program with 6 credit hours completed.
  • Graduates earn a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Athletic Administration.
  • This accelerated program also serves as the Honors in the Major for Sport Management.
  • Up to $1,500* of financial aid is available for those accepted into this program. *award based on financial need. 


Once an undergraduate has attained junior status, they are eligible to apply for an accelerated track. The following is required: 

  • Completion of at least 15 undergraduate hours in their major. 
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.40 in their major, 3.0 overall GPA
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member in their major. 


Students who are admitted into the accelerated program would be able to take 2 courses (6 hours at the graduate level) and would be able to select 2 of the 5 graduate courses listed below: 


  • SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport (3 credits)
  • SPM5308 Marketing and Promotion in Sport (3 credits)
  • SPM5506 Sport Finance (3 credits) 
  • SPM5606 Sport Governance and Compliance (3 credits)
  • SPM6106 Sport Facility and Risk Management (3 credits) 


Dr. Liz Gregg

Associate Professor & Chair


Minor: Sport Management

Program Overview

 Sport Data Analytics Lab COEHS horizontal logo

Sport Data Analytics Lab

The Sport Data Analytics Lab (S.D.A. Lab) is a sport related data analytics focused lab within the sport management field housed in the College of Education and Human Services at the University of North Florida. The Lab is a one-of-a-kind place to share our data analytics expertise through partnered projects and consultations with sport-related organizations regionally, nationally and internationally.

On Field Analytics

Performance Analytics

  • Analyze athlete/team performance to improve skills and strategies
  • Offer media valuable match data for viewers
  • Predict and prevent player inquiries

Off Field Analytics

Business Analytics

  • Assess value of an organization, league, team and athletes
  • Segment existing fans and estimate their value
  • Understand customer behavior with data
  • Create and examine effectiveness of various marketing activities

The Lab is a resource for producing and disseminating scholarship as well as educating a wide group of students, colleagues, and community members regarding the trends identified within sport analytics and the social impact these trends have on a variety of populations. One of the main goals is to share our data analytics expertise through partnered projects and consultations with sport-related organizations from regional to overseas.


The Community

The Sport Data Analytics Lab provides the community a centralized resource hub for communication. Specifically, it would give organizations or community members the opportunity for engaging in collaborative efforts, awareness building opportunities, or for questions.

The University

The Sport Data Analytics Lab provides the University of North Florida a sport management specific research center, which would further contribute to UNF's commitment to rigorous research activities.

The College

The Sport Data Analytics Lab provides the opportunity for increased interdisciplinary collaboration and community visibility among practitioners, organizations and community members. The Lab will work towards achieving the mission and vision statement of the College of Education and Human Services.

The Sport Management Program and Department

The Sport Data Analytics Lab provides a host of networking, scholarship, and professional development opportunities in regard to analytics. These opportunities include publishing research, interaction with sport-related organizations and increased visibility for student recruitment.

Read more about this unique resource in the Inside UNF Newsletter (August 2020 edition) here


Dr. Wanyong Choi, Assistant Professor

Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management