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Master of Education with a concentration in Athletic Administration

The Master of Education with a concentration in Athletic Administration is designed for individuals who aspire to obtain careers in athletic administration at educational institutions. Today's athletic administrator must be well prepared to work in a diverse and challenging environment. As interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics continue to grow, so does the demand for trained professionals equipped with the necessary skills to provide positive leadership in those unique and specific educational settings. This program of study includes 15 hours of educational leadership courses, 15 hours in graduate level sport specific courses and 6 hours of College of Education and Human Services graduate core courses.

Admission Requirements

University requirements:

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent from a foreign institution with a GPA of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate study.

Additional program requirements:

  1. Official transcripts from all attended institutions
  2. Written statement identifying:
    • professional and career goals
    • aspiration
  3. Current resume
  4. Three letters of recommendation (using UNF's online reference system)

Applicants not meeting the 3.0 minimum requirement may contact the Educational Leadership Program Director for additional admission criteria options. For additional tools to determine GPA, please visit Calculating Your GPA.

Athletic Administration Block Schedule

Year One

Fall Term (6 hours)

  • SPM 6008 Foundations of Sport Management***
  • EDF 6480 Foundations of Educational Research
  • SPM 5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport*

Spring Term (6 hours)

  • EDF 6607 Education in America
  • SPM 5308 Marketing and Promotions in Sport*

Summer Term (6 hours)

  • EDA 6191 Team Leadership
  • SPM 6106
  • EDF 6945 Facilities and Risk Management in Sport**


  • Practicum in Educational Leadership

Year Two

Fall Term (6 hours)

  • EDS 6130 Human Resource Development in Education
  • SPM 5506 Sport Finance *

Spring Term (6 hours)

  • SPM 5605 Governance and Compliance in Sport*
  • EDA 6232 Law and Ethics in Educational Leadership

Summer Term (6 hour)

  • EDG 6285 Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
  • SPM 6106
  • EDF 6945 Facilities and Risk Management in Sport**


  • Practicum in Educational Leadership

* These SPM Courses are only available on a two-year rotation.

** SPM 6106 is offered Summer A session each year.

*** SPM 6008 Foundations of Sport Management is only offered in the Fall semester and is needed only if you do not have a sport management undergraduate degree or minor.

Educational Leadership: Athletic Administration (Master of Education)

Program Description for Educational Leadership

Major: Educational Leadership Concentration: Athletic Administration Degree: Master of Education

Prerequisites (3 credits)

SPM6008 Foundations of Sport Mgt (3 Credits)

Core Requirements (6 credits)

Minimum of B grades required

EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)

EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (30 credits)

"B" grade is required

SPM5206 Ethics and Issues in Sport (3 Credits)

SPM5308 Mkt and Promo in Sport (3 Credits)

SPM5506 Sport Finance (3 Credits)

SPM5605 Sport Gov and Compl (3 Credits)

SPM6106 Sport Facility and Risk Mgt (3 Credits)

EDS6130 Human Resource Deve in Educati (3 Credits)

EDA6232 Law and Ethics in Edu Lead (3 Credits)

EDA6191 Team Leadership (3 Credits)

EDG6285 Fundamentals of Program Eval (3 Credits)

SPB6946 Practicum in Ath Admin (3 Credits)