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Ed Technology Training and Development

Technology Engaged Teacher / Technology Coach

A technology engaged teacher is one that seeks out technologies that might enhance their own productivity and their student learning. Most students today are already technology users, and they often expect their teachers to incorporate it into their teaching. A good teacher will make the effort to determine which technologies will support and enhance student learning, and learn how to use them. Technology engaged teachers should be comfortable with the basic operations of the technology before introducing new technology to a class, and to provide good instructions for students on how to use it before expecting them to complete assignments. Such a teacher is one who consider how technology needs to be 'designed in' as part of the overall teaching approach.


Technology coaches work with a variety of teachers to develop technology-enhanced lessons and instruction, and sometimes providing in-class peer mentoring. The purpose of such a coach is to assist the school's faculty in understanding how technology can be used to make the learning more engaging and relevant for students. They also provide support to teachers in understanding and use the vast options of technology applications and devices. The technology coach or even a technology enhanced teacher can act as a role model and provide support to teachers concerning technology integration. A technology coach is not the IT or tech support person who comes into the classroom to fix the printer or install software. The technology coach is a person who helps teachers improve their practice, which might be using technology, trying different strategies, trying new classroom approaches, or helping them find resources to support them in their day-to-day teaching.


One thing to remember about a technology or instructional coach is that they are not a content expert in all areas. Rather, teachers that they work with are the content experts, the coaches bring new ideas, resources, and support to the situation.


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