About Educational Leadership

Guided by the belief that the most important purposes of schooling are teaching and learning, the programs in educational leadership are designed to develop effective educational leaders. Students are guided in their personal development of a vision of excellence in schooling. Research-based studies of educational policy, instructional leadership, management skills, and effective schools as well as studies of successful innovations in practice characterize the programs. The college offers an educational leadership program leading to a master of education degree (M.Ed.), and a non-degree program leading to Florida certification in educational leadership is also available.  


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership

Advanced graduate studies support the development of educational leaders with knowledge, vision, and skills. To support the improvement of education through a variety of leadership roles, the College of Education and Human Services offers a program leading to the Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in educational leadership. The interdisciplinary program draws from a number of departments and other instructional resources of the university and incorporates advanced techniques in individual assessment.
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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

Five concentrations are available in the educational leadership program at the master's level. Programs of study in each of the degree tracks consist of the following elements: the six-hour graduate core requirement of the College (or equivalent graduate level course work); specified courses in educational leadership; course(s) in a subject area specialization; and a practicum or program electives.

 Advanced Teaching and Learning
This concentration is intended for those students who wish to obtain a master's degree and assume leadership roles in educational institutions, do not desire the Florida Educational Leadership Certificate, and wish to work in PK- 12 settings.


Athletic Administration

The Athletic Administration track is designed for individuals who aspire to obtain careers in athletic administration at educational institutions. Today’s athletic administrator must be well prepared to work in a diverse and challenging environment. As interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics continue to grow, so does the demand for trained professionals equipped with the necessary skills to provide positive leadership in those unique and specific educational settings.


  Educational Technology Leadership
The graduate degree in Educational Technology Leadership is a master's program that encourages students to improve their professional practice using learning theory, technology, and leadership skills.


Higher Education Administration
This concentration is intended for those students who wish to obtain a master's degree and assume leadership roles in higher education and other post secondary educational settings, do not desire the Florida Educational Leadership Certificate, and wish to work in higher education and continuing education.


School Leadership

This concentration is a state-approved program that carries the endorsement for educational leadership needed by teachers who wish to move into administration in the public school system. The program consists of 39 semester hours of core major and elective requirements. One year of teaching experience and a valid teaching certificate are required.


 Educational Leadership (Certificate)
The educational leadership certificate program is  intended for individuals seeking professional certification in the area of educational leadership (Pre-K through 12). The program of study includes the Florida educational leadership core curriculum required for certification.


Admission Requirements


Program admission requires the following:

For the Leadership Certification program there are also additional requirements of:

  • Possess a valid teacher's certificate in K-12 system
  • Present documentation of three years of teaching in a public or approved private school is required BEFORE completion of the program and graduation

Program faculty may recommend a trial program for a student even if the applicant meets minimum admission requirements.

Program Director

Dr. Jerry Johnson

(904) 620-1804




Doctoral Program


Dr. Francis Godwyll

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