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Donor Stories

Gary Chartrand in the UNF STEP Lab

Elevating the future of education

For more than a decade, Gary Chartrand has been intensely focused on enhancing education in Florida.
Gilchrist Berg holding a framed painting of a building

Celebrating excellence in teaching

For many teachers in Duval County, Gilchrist Berg is their greatest champion.

Dr. Lynne Raiser headshot

Retired professor invests in urban education

After 50 years as a public school teacher and later, as a UNF education professor, Dr. Lynne Raiser knows that poverty is the root cause of struggling inner city schools. Fiercely dedicated to UNF, she created The Victor and Lynne Raiser Urban Education Endowment at UNF aimed at improving education for urban youth.
mary lou and john dasburg

Philanthropic efforts support new COEHS position

Mary Lou and John Dasburg are no strangers to supporting education. Known for their philanthropic efforts, the Dasburg’s have donated to many causes, and at UNF have generously provided academic opportunities for students.
Wayne Weaver

Support for Urban Education

The Urban Initiative Scholarship program at UNF provides scholarships to high school graduates who are inspired to teach and want to teach in local urban schools. Ten new students, motivated to be great teachers, joined the program this fall thanks to the generosity of Wayne Weaver. 
Lastinger news

Family Foundation supports Future Teachers

The Lastinger Family has a special place in their heart for educators and their gift demonstrates a commitment to future teachers who will be difference-makers in the lives of thousands of children. Their Family Foundation has created the Lastinger Endowed Scholarship for students pursuing teaching careers. Delores Lastinger, COEHS alumna and retired teacher, has devoted her time to advocacy for those who teach.