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Secondary Education (Master of Arts in Teaching)

Program Description for Secondary Education

Major: Secondary Education Degree: Master of Arts in Teaching

Core Requirements (3 credits)

EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (27 credits)

EDF6211 Advanced Ed'L Psychology (3 Credits)

EDF6442 Assessment in the Curriculum (3 Credits)

EDG6070 Tchr Thinking/Decision Making (3 Credits)

EEX5053 Foundations Excep Ed and Serv (3 Credits)

RED6546 Literacy Difficulties (3 Credits)

TSL6525 Cross Culture Comm/Knowledge (3 Credits)

EDG6407 Managing Eff Learn Env (3 Credits)

SELECT One from the following

  • LAE 6339 Special Methods: English
  • SCE 6337 Special Methods: Science
  • SSE 6385 Special Methods: Social Studies
  • MAE 6336 Special Methods: Math
  • FLE 6555 Special Methods: Foreign Language

ESE6947 Professional Internship (1-6 Credits)

Culminating Experience (3 credits)

EDG6911 Action Research in Education (3 Credits)