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Department of Foundations & Secondary Education



The mission of the Department of Foundations and Secondary Education is to:

  1. Create in students a deep understanding of foundational disciplines, general pedagogy, and discipline specific pedagogy;
  2. Provide guidance to pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and school leaders in the application of educational research;
  3. Ensure that schools - ranging from urban to suburban to rural - provide the best possible education for all students; and
  4. Create original scholarship and advance the body of knowledge.

Undergraduate Programs

Middle School Education

Secondary Education

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Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Teaching

Graduate Certificate

The purpose of the undergraduate programs in the Department of Foundations and Secondary Education is to carry out the goals of the College of Education and Human Services as they specifically relate to the preparation of teachers and related educational professionals for K-12 settings.


Teacher education programs in the department prepare teachers who will impact the learning of and actively respond to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds. The programs enable pre-service teachers to demonstrate research-based pedagogical practices, to expand their content knowledge in order to help students meet the challenges of the 21st century, to use educational technologies thoughtfully, and to appreciate the role of critical thinking in education.


The department has as its objectives the development of specified competencies needed for effective classroom performance. Laboratory and field experiences of increasing complexity are required and are correlated with theoretical components, providing an opportunity to apply information gathered in the program. Instructional techniques used by the division faculty will be those methods the students are expected to learn.


Whereas the department has formulated specific lists of prerequisite courses, all students are expected to be able to demonstrate basic skills in communication throughout the program. Further, students are expected to demonstrate behaviors, attitudes, and dispositions commensurate with established standards for professional educators, including the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices.


Persons seeking certification to teach in schools should follow the prescribed admission requirements for the College of Education and Human Services. Obtaining passing scores on all parts of the General Knowledge (GK) test and grades of "C" or better in all course work applicable to their program of study and/or used as prerequisites. Additionally, an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for admission and must be maintained throughout their program leading to graduation. Passing scores on all parts of the FTCE are required for graduation.