General Fingerprinting Requirements

State rules mandate that students participating in field and clinical experiences in school districts must be fingerprinted.  These field experiences include UNF students enrolled in EDF1005, EDF2085 (Duval Field placements only), EDF 3945, EDF 3946, TSL 4324, TSL 4340, TSL 4360 (TSL courses Duval and Clay field placements only), Internship, and all courses held at school sites or that require students to work with children in a school setting.

General Information

  • The school districts in conjunction with the university have developed procedures for fingerprinting university students which must be followed.
  • Students should follow the procedures for the school district in which they will be conducting their field experience. These instructions can be obtained in the Office of Educational Field Experience.
  • Students not fingerprinted will not receive school placements and subsequently will not be able to complete course requirements.  This will adversely affect your grade for the course.
  • Fingerprints cannot be transferred from one district to another.
  • No student will receive a placement until they have received clearance from the district.
  • Persons that have been fingerprinted through another institution i.e. FSCJ or Substitutes should complete the “PREVIOUS FINGERPRINTING CLEARANCE REQUEST” form and return to the Educational Field Experience. You will need to provide your name, social security number, month and year previously fingerprinted, and the course name.  This information will be forwarded to the district for clearance approval.  

Fingerprinting Requirements for Duval County

Duval County Public School (DCPS) District
1. You must register and pay for fingerprinting prior to arriving at appointment.
2. Only students with an appointment will be fingerprinted.  You may schedule your appointment through Office of Educational Field Experience. Due to the volume of students that are fingerprinted, DCPS will provide a specific block of dates and times they will be fingerprinting UNF students.
3. The cost of fingerprinting is $85.25 and can be paid by credit/debit card or electronic check only. (No money orders)
4. Payment may be made online: 
5. To make a fingerprinting appointment, students will need to contact Christie Hall in the Office of Educational Field Experiences, building 57, suite 1300.  The office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00 pm; 904-620-3934. Step-by-Step instructions are available in the Educational Field Experience office.
Fingerprinting for DCPS can only be done at DCPS.  No other location.  Do not come to the campus-we cannot fingerprint here!
7. Students being fingerprinted for DCPS should also complete the DCPS Fingerprint Information form and bring it to the fingerprinting appointment
8. You will receive a confirmation page when the payment transaction is complete. Please print and bring this page with you to your scheduled fingerprint appointment.
9. Please note the two forms of identification required to be presented when you are fingerprinted.
10. Fingerprint clearances are good for 5 years.

Instructions for making the payment




  • Fieldprint Code FPDCPSInt
  • If you are a New User, enter your E-mail and Click “Sign Up.” Follow the directions to establish your password, security questions, and contact information.
  • Enter Personal Information. ***Important: Please enter your LEGAL name and ensure birth date and Social Security Number are entered correctly!
  • Enter Demographics.
  • Enter Additional Information.
  • In “School Name” enter TBD since your school is not yet assigned. In “Position” enter INTERN. In “College/University” enter the name of your college/university.
  • Enter Payment Information. The fee is $85.25 and can be paid by credit/debit card or electronic check only. (No money orders)

NOTE: Entry errors made during your registration process cannot be corrected once your prints are captured. Any errors made in your entries must be corrected through the modification process BEFORE you are fingerprinted. If errors are discovered after the prints are captured/ submitted, it is YOUR responsibility to register again and to reprint at YOUR EXPENSE.


Confirmation Page
You will receive a confirmation page when the transaction is complete. Please print and bring this page with you to your scheduled fingerprint appointment at the School Board Building, 1701 Prudential Drive.
Please note the two forms of identification required to be presented when you are fingerprinted.


Fingerprint Instructions for Clay County

Fingerprint clearances are not automatic.  The process usually takes between 10-14 days.  You need to note your course timeline and plan accordingly.



Read and follow the directions as presented.  All interns and or field study students will fingerprint as a NEW VENDOR.  The user name is ClayVendor (case sensitive) and the password is M0nday28 (the 0 is a zero). Keying a personal email address is important in order to receive additional correspondence.


The fingerprinting fee of $97.25 covers the actual printing process and background screening.  Payment must be made by credit card or PayPal.  Prepaid Visa cards are available at most stores.  Payment arrangements are made online as part of the registration process.  PAYMENT IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THE ACTUAL PRINTING SITE.


During the registration process, key VENDOR NUMBER 0900009492. This particular vendor number is unique for Intern Teacher/ Field Study applicants. Failure to use this number will not only delay clearance but will require students to re-print at an additional cost.  In addition, should the print registration site ask for confirmation that an I-9 form is held by the student, ALL students should indicate “YES”.  Students are exempted from submitting an I-9 form, but for the purpose of successfully completing the registration process, we encourage all students to respond “YES” to the I-9 question.

Print the Confirmation Page with the Schedule ID and bring it along with the specific Photo ID you registered to the service center.



After a review of the fingerprint report, Human Resources will notify Diane Poidevant and Sarah Brennan to proceed with placement.  Human Resources will forward fingerprint badges to students’ intern/field study site(s).  When students initially report to their respective sites, front office staff and or directing teachers will ask for photo ID prior to issuing badges.  Please note: UPS WILL NOT PRODUCE BADGES!

School District of Clay County Contact Information:
Dana Silveira, Data Entry, Human Resources:  (904-529-4912) /
Cathy Richardson, Supervisor, Human Resources:  (904-529-4849) / 

Fingerprint Instructions for St. Johns County


Refer to Background Screening under the Lunsford Act Menu for more details on offenses that may lead to disqualifications.


Vendors who require fingerprinting to work with the St. Johns County School District should follow the instructions listed on their Vendor Clearance Process Page.  
If you have any questions, please contact Vicky Eidsmoe in Human Resources at (904) 547-7611 or


How to schedule a Fingerprinting Appointment:


1. Log onto the website 
2. In the Reason why you need to be fingerprinted screen, select “I know my Fieldprint Code” and enter the Fieldprint Code in the space provided.  For College Internship/Practicum/Field Experience, the Fieldprint Code is:  FPStJohnsCollegeIntern (the access code IS case sensitive).  


The fee for fingerprinting is $55.50.  If the appointment is missed, there is a fee of $15.00 to reschedule.