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Educational Resource Center Toolbox




 ePortfolio PowerPoint Template (right click and save)



 Instructions for ePortfolios using Google Sites (PDF)


 Download   ePortfolio Table of Contents (Word Document)


Grade Book Templates


 Average Template

Gradebook to calculate grades when all assignments contribute equally to the final grade.

Provided in Microsoft Excel format.


 Percentage Template

Gradebook to calculate grades where each assignment is worth a % of the final grade.

Provided in Microsoft Excel format.



UNF Forms

 Download    UNF Equipment Check-Out Form:

 The equipment checkout form is used when ever equipment is removed from the University premises by University personnel.


 UNF Key Request Form:

Complete the key request form via myWings on the Staff tab.


 UNF Property Transfer Form:

A property transfer form is to be completed when property items are transferred between University Departments.



 UNF Survey Form:

A survey form is used for the removal of surplus property from the inventory database.




 Adobe ReaderSome application forms are available in PDF format. You will need a PDF viewer, such as the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Some browsers also have plug-ins designed for viewing PDF files. Click on one of the links above to see if your browser already supports this format. If your browser asks if you would like to save the file, it does not have a PDF plug in, and you will have to install one before continuing.