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Florida Teacher Certification Examinations

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) are state exams which are required in order to obtain professional certification through the Florida Department of Education. The three FTCE exams that EPI candidates must complete by the end of their first semester are the General Knowledge Exam, Professional Education Exam, and Subject Area Exam.

How do I register to take the FTCEs?

Please register for the FTCEs at this website: Through this website you will be able to view available appointment locations as well as specific dates and times. Please note you can generally register for these exams a month or two before your desired date. Be sure to check available appointments regularly if your desired date is not available the first time as it can change regularly.

How much do the FTCE's cost?

The exam fees are as follows:

  • General Knowledge Exam - First time registration is $130
  • General Knowledge Exam - Retake registration is $150
  • Professional Education Exam - First time registration is $150
  • Professional Education Exam - Retake registration is $170
  • Subject Area Exam - First time registration- $200
  • Subject Area Exam- Retake registration- $220

Does the EPI program prepare me for the FTCEs?

The Florida Teacher Certification Exams are completed independently by the student and are not part of the EPI curriculum, however there are test prep sessions available through the University. Preparation for the Professional Education Exam is integrated throughout the program.


Please note that all three exams must be completed by the end of the program in May. The UNF College of Education strongly encourages candidates to complete these exams prior to starting the EPI program.