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Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of behavioral principles to change behavior in socially important ways. Practitioners of ABA (i.e., behavior analysts) work in clinical, educational, home, and community settings to implement behavioral interventions with the goal of meaningful outcomes for their clients. While best known for implementation with young children with developmental disabilities (e.g., autism), ABA has a strong presence in schools (e.g., positive behavioral interventions and supports).

Behavior analysts are currently in high demand across the country (Burning Glass Technologies, 2021). In Florida, there was a 68% increase in the number of job postings requiring a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification from 2019 to 2020. As of 2022, the average salary for BCBAs was $70,000 in Florida and &73,765 nationally (per

Read more about the field of ABA here .

The University of North Florida ABA program offers a practitioner-focused course of study that includes an ABAI-approved verified course sequence, experiential learning opportunities, and a two-semester capstone sequence that prepares students to support their clients in meaningful ways.

The mission of the UNF ABA program is to prepare skilled, collaborative, and ethical behavior analysts for practitioner roles in clinical and applied contexts.


Our curriculum is focused on the development of practical skills and knowledge, with a focus on positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). PBIS is a person-centered approach to behavioral intervention with a rich history in both individual intervention and school-based intervention. This approach considers the systems and contexts in which behavior occurs, and interventions that support clients/students and related stakeholders (e.g., parents, teachers, community members) in natural environments.


Read more about PBIS here .


Students who are accepted to the UNF ABA program will complete 45 credits  to earn their M.Ed. in Special Education. The core course sequence (21 credits) represents an ABAI-approved verified course sequence that fulfills the coursework requirements to sit for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Exam under Pathway 2: Coursework. Students planning to apply to sit for the BCBA exam must also complete supervised fieldwork and hold a master’s degree at the time of their application for the exam.



Applicants who already hold a Master’s degree may be eligible to complete our ABA Certificate, which includes only the coursework in the ABAI Verified Coursework Sequence (21 credits). Please contact Dr. Natalie Badgett if you believe this option might be right for you.

*At this time, the UNF ABA program does not offer supervision, but we would be happy to connect students with community- and school-based BCBAs who are qualified to supervise.

If you are interested in learning more about the UNF ABA program, please contact Dr. Natalie Badgett to schedule an informational meeting. You can find more information about program coursework here and learn about the admissions process here.

    Special Education: Applied Behavior Analysis (Master of Education)

    Program Description for Special Education

    Major: Special Education Concentration: Applied Behavior Analysis Degree: Master of Education

    Core Requirements (6 credits)

    EEX5053 Foundations Excep Ed and Serv (3 Credits)

    EEX6402 Comm, Coll, Consult Spec Ed (3 Credits)

    Practicum (12 credits)

    EEX5852 ABA Practicum I (3 Credits)

    EEX6853 ABA Practicum II (3 Credits)

    EEX6854 ABA Practicum III (3 Credits)

    EEX6856 ABA Practicum IV (3 Credits)

    Major Requirements (15 credits)

    EEX5308 Single Case Research Design (3 Credits)

    EEX5612 Concepts and Principles of ABA (3 Credits)

    EEX6747 Ethics in ABA and ESE (3 Credits)

    EEX6636 Research-Based Beh Int (3 Credits)

    EEX6615 Implementation of Beh Int (3 Credits)

    Concentration Requirements (12 credits)

    EEX6635 PBIS (3 Credits)

    EEX6617 Comp Behavioral Intervention (3 Credits)

    EEX6664 Advanced Practices in ABA (3 Credits)

    EEX6627 Supervision & Case Mgmt (3 Credits)