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College of Education and Human Services

Master of Science in ASL/English Interpreting

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Educational Interpreting Concentration

The Educational Interpreting Concentration Fall 2022 Cohort has been admitted and all available scholarships awarded. The next graduate EIC cohort will begin Fall 2023.

The Educational Interpreting Concentration (EIC) is designed to meet the needs of (a) pre-certified students who aspire to national certification and work within K-12 settings as an educational interpreter or, (b) certified interpreters who seek to increase their specialized interpreting skill sets and knowledge base about educational interpreting in K-12 settings. The program includes 30 credit hours of courses in education, mentoring, research, service learning, and interpreting in K-12 educational settings. You can review the sample, anticipated sequence of courses (see button above) to see the classes that will be a part of the program. 

The EIC is offered via distance learning (no need to relocate). The master's program is developed in accordance with current spoken and signed language research and strives to provide students a foundation in interpreting studies literature, a deep understanding of the specialization of educational interpreting, and a growth mindset for lifelong learning and skills development. 

The program admits students each fall, and the application deadline is August 1

We are accepting names of those interested in beginning in January 2022 as part of the inaugural cohort while we wait for the online application for admission to be ready.   

If you are not ready to apply, but would like more information, email us at    

Program of Study

Program Prerequisites

Effective Fall 2022

  • An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Interpreting OR a Bachelor's degree in a related field plus national certification AND permission of program director.
  • A 3.0 GPA during the last 60 hours in the first baccalaureate program

Sample Course Sequence

  • Courses are offered in a 5-term rotation, 2 courses per term. 
  • Although the program allows part time attendance, students who opt to take fewer classes than are offered will delay graduation for at least one year as courses are offered in a rotation.
  • The sequence below is designed to give you an idea of when courses will be offered, but it is subject to change.

Term 1 (Fall 1)

  • INT 5805 Mentoring in Interpreter Education
  • EEX 5053 Foundations of Exceptional  Education and Services

Term 2 (Spring 1)

  • INT 5408 Interpreting in Educational Settings
  • INT 5457 Interpreting in Intercultural Contexts 

Term 3 (Summer 1)

  • INT 5932 Issues and Trends in Educational Interpreting
  • INT 6911 Applied Research in Interpreting

Term 4 (Fall 2)

  • INT 5405 Interpreting Academic Subjects
  • INT 6415 DeafBlind Interpreting 

Term 5 (Spring 2)

  • INT 6274 Advanced ASL Concepts for Interpreters 
  • INT 6946 Interpreting Internship