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MS ASL/English Interpreting - Educational Interpreting


(Effective Fall 2022)


  • An Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Interpreting OR a Bachelor's degree in a related field plus national certification AND permission of program director.
  • A 3.0 GPA during the last 60 hours in the first baccalaureate program


  • Courses are offered in a 5-term rotation, 2 courses per term. 
  • Although the program allows part time attendance, students who opt to take fewer classes than are offered will delay graduation for at least one year as courses are offered in a rotation.
  • The sequence below is designed to give you an idea of when courses will be offered, but it is subject to change.

Term 1 (Fall 1)

INT 5805 Mentoring in Interpreter Education
EEX 5053 Foundations of Exceptional  Education and Services 

Term 2 (Spring 1)

INT 5408 Interpreting in Educational Settings
INT 5457 Interpreting in Intercultural Contexts 


Term 3 (Summer 1)

INT 5932 Issues and Trends in Educational Interpreting  

INT 6911 Applied Research in Interpreting


Term 4 (Fall 2)

INT 5405 Interpreting Academic Subjects

INT 6415 DeafBlind Interpreting 


Term 5 (Spring 2)

INT 6274 Advanced ASL Concepts for Interpreters 

INT 6946 Interpreting Internship