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Bachelor of Science in ASL/English Interpreting

Community Interpreting Concentration


Course Sequence  Admissions Requirements 

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This program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education.


The Community Interpreting concentration allows students who do not have a prior associate-level degree to pursue an Interpreting major at UNF. It is a full, 120-credit-hour B.S. degree program from start to finish.  Students who take general education core, language, and pre-interpreting courses during the Freshman and Sophomore years at UNF may have regular, face-to-face class sessions once or twice a week.  You can access the sequence of courses, by selecting the button above, to see which classes are taught in which semesters.  All students should follow this course sequence.


As a component of the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education standards, UNF has implemented Limited Access Screening to insure all students entering our final 48 hours have minimum competencies in English, ASL, and Cognitive Processing, and are ready for advanced interpreting coursework. Prior to declaring a major in ASL/English Interpreting, students must successfully complete the Prerequisite and Core Requirements courses in the Course Catalog, pass the Limited Access Screening, maintain a 2.75 GPA, and have a 'B' or better in ASL I, ASL II, Introduction to Interpreting, and ENC 1101.   


The program admits students each fall, and the application deadline is March 31. Review additional information on program admission, including the required Limited Access Screening and application deadlines, by selecting the button above.  Review the Osprey Map for information on course sequence and other program requirements.