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Endorsement in ASL

The courses offered for the American Sign Language (ASL) K-12 Educator Endorsement are designed to provide teachers of American Sign Language in the K-12 setting the opportunity to complete the additional courses required by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) for ASL Endorsement. The courses are offered fully online (in bold) with some courses also offered traditionally. We aspire to prepare students and current educators who embrace diversity, respect, equity, and equality of opportunity within ASL communities.


Frequently Asked Questions:

If you just want to take these courses to meet/complete your state certification, then you will need to register as a non-degree seeking student. You should contact the OneStop below for more information on the admissions process and application costs.

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Note: UNF will ask for your immunization record. If you don’t have the record, you can request a waiver by stating that you will not be on campus and are seeking admission for courses that are delivered online.

For other questions, contact the Department of Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education, 904.620.2930,  or contact


FLDOE Requirements:                                                   


ASL    3435                Finger spelling & Numbers in ASL             Fall/Spring/Online

ASL    3514                Deaf Culture                                                  Fall/Spring/Online

ASL    4131                American Sign Language III*                      Fall/Spring/Summer/Online

ASL    4211                American Sign Language IV*                      Fall/Spring/Summer/Online

ASL    3301                ASL Structure (online ONLY)                       Summer/Fall/Spring

ASL    4990               ASL Literature +                                            Fall Online

ASL    4991               1st & 2nd Language Acquisition +              Spring Online

ASL     4992                 Methods of Teaching ASL                               Summer Online