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Undergraduate Minors

American Sign Language/Deaf Studies Minor

An American Sign Language (ASL) minor is designed to provide students with basic knowledge of the rich heritage of the language and culture of Deaf people. It benefits students in a way that gives them an edge in employment opportunities such as teacher, interpreter, social worker, translator, criminal justice personnel, medical personnel, salesperson and many more professional career opportunities. The ability to communicate with Deaf people is often viewed as an asset by employers, particularly in the helping professions, such as counselors and advisors. Theater and arts students can benefit because of the inherent physical expressiveness of ASL. This is a language that can be passed on to children and to children's children as a skill to communicate with others in a unique way.


A minimum of nine (9) hours of courses under the Minor Requisites category must be taken at UNF. For questions, contact the Department of Exceptional, Deaf and Interpreter Education, 904.620.2930 or contact


Required Courses

ASL 3435 F/N in ASL (Fall, Spring and Summer)

ASL 3514 Deaf Culture (Fall, Spring and Summer)

ASL 4131 ASL III (Fall, Spring)

ASL 4211 ASL IV (Fall, Spring)

ASL 3301 ASL Structure (Fall, Spring)




Deaf Education Minor

Students who have declared a major other than Deaf Education, still have the opportunity to learn about educating deaf and hard of hearing students by enrolling in the Deaf Education Minor.


 The minor is 15 credit hours and includes the following five courses.  These courses can be taken in any order; however, we recommend beginning in a Fall semester with EHD 4311 if possible.


Class Hours (15) Name Term Offered
EHD 3941 3 Deaf education Field Practicum I Fall Only
EHD 4311 3 Psychology and education of the Deaf Fall Only
EHD 4291 3 Content Area Curriculum & Instruction for DHH Students Fall Only
EHD 4245 3 Language and Literacy Assessment and Instruction for DHH Students Spring Only
EDH 4013 3 Deafness and Diversity Spring Only

Disability Services Minor

The Minor in Disability Services is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in working with individuals with disabilities in non-teaching careers. In 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that approximately 61 million (or 1 in 4) adults has some type of disability in the United States. With this population being prevalent in all communities and all facets of society, this minor includes information about how to work beside, supervise, advise, interact with, respect, and support individuals with disabilities. Incorporated in this minor are authentic experiences where students work closely with individuals with disabilities, their families, businesses, and community agencies. The Minor in Disability Services aligns well with majors in all UNF colleges and can be completed at any point within your program of study. The minor requires a total of 12 credit-hours.