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Community Outreach

Camp Composition

Instituted in 2011, Camp Composition, a six Saturday writing camp, brings Northeast Florida students and parents together with lead local area teachers, UNF professors and UNF undergraduate and graduate education students in an effort to help local area school students in grades 4-11 earn higher Florida Standards Assessments (FSA) writing scores and acquire stronger lifelong writing skills.


teachers and campers


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LIFE is a leadership development utility for education and community advocates. LIFE advocates for the marginalized populace plagued with unemployment, underemployment, under-performing schools, inadequate health services, and compromised housing. They take a systems approach to community development and believe those closest to communal problems are the best to create and exercise sustainable solutions. LIFE created a community development model that employs research as a tool to assess, challenge, and support change over time.



Camp Osprey

C.A.M.P. Osprey is an innovative leadership mentoring program that pairs collegiate student leaders from the University of North Florida with Duval County Public School students in grades 5-9. This will be an on-campus immersion program and will provide weekly mentoring sessions for middle school students in Duval County.The success of other programs like C.A.M.P. Osprey has had a great impact in the state of Florida and has helped to develop the leadership skills of hundreds of students. Student leaders selected to participate in our program are given the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, mentor a child in these same leadership skills, make a difference in their community and understand the influence on can have in the field of education and educational leadership. Students who participate in this program can expect to see an increase in their GPA, an increase in attendance and will help their mentees decrease their incidence of suspensions (up to 72 percent). Participants will also improve their public speaking abilities, as well as their goal-setting and leadership skills.

Mentor and Mentees

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Dr. Matt Ohlson, CAMP Osprey Coordinator

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