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Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE)

General Details

The FTCE is composed of three tests:

  1. General Knowledge Exam

  2. Professional Education Exam

  3. Subject Area Exam

There are several testing sites in the Greater Jacksonville Area:

  • FSCJ (Downtown Campus)
  • Pearson Testing Center located at 8380 Baymeadows Rd. Suite # 11
  • Pearson Testing Center located at 8659 Baypine Rd.

One would need to register online and pay the appropriate fees to Pearson to take any part of the FTCE.


The most current information from the Florida Department of Education/ Bureau of Educator Certification regarding the Florida Teacher Certification Exam:

  1. General Knowledge Exam (GK) - The required basic skills exam for teacher certification.You can register online at the FTCE web site. The General Knowledge Exam contains four subtests: Mathematics (45 multiple-choice items), Reading (40 multiple-choice, passage-based items), English Language Skills (40 multiple-choice items), and Essay. Official results will be available within 4-6 weeks.
  2. Test PEd: Professional Education Exam - Candidates applying for a Professional Certificate need to take the Professional Education Exam. This multiple-choice exam assesses general knowledge of pedagogy and professional practices and consists of approximately 120 items.
  3. Test SAE: Subject Area Exam - These are exams for degreed academic and some vocational subject areas. These exams measure content area knowledge and pedagogy, usually in a multiple-choice format. Several exams may require an essay component. Candidates applying for a Professional Certificate and those adding a subject area to a Professional Certificate must pass a subject area exam in the field(s) in which they seek certification.