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Bachelor of Arts in Education




The Department of Childhood Education, Literacy and TESOL's undergraduate programs assist learners in developing personal and professional competencies needed for successful instruction in today's public schools.


This goal is achieved through programs emphasizing individually meaningful instruction, the use of innovative materials, and the application of theoretical concepts in laboratory and clinical experiences.


The department offers two undergraduate studies: Elementary Education (K - Grade 6) and Pre- K/Primary Education (Age 3 - Grade 3).

Elementary Education (K- grade 6) Program

The Elementary Education program prepares teachers who can respond creatively to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds in the process of promoting their learning. The goals of the program enable pre-service teachers to demonstrate research-based pedagogical approaches, to expand their content knowledge in order to help students meet the challenges of the 21st century, to use educational technologies thoughtfully, to value democratic public education, and to appreciate the key role of critical thinking in all aspects of schooling. Faculty views the professional work of program graduates as part of their efforts in supporting reform initiatives in local public schools.

Pre-K/Primary Education (age 3 - grade 3) Program

The Pre-K / Primary Education program (age 3 to grade 3) is designed to provide intentional learning experiences to enhance student knowledge of young children, increase engagement and advocacy in the early childhood community, and provide opportunities for personal growth. Students are afforded the opportunity to work with children within the public schools as well as a variety of community-based settings.


The Pre-K/Primary program coursework is developed to meet state certification requirements and follow guidelines provided by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC); the International Reading Association (IRA); and the Division of Early Childhood (DEC). The courses provide in-depth, research-based knowledge on key areas for early childhood professionals working with children ages 3-8.

Minor in Early Childhood Education

The department of Childhood Education, Literacy and TESOL is also offering a Minor in Early Childhood Education.


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