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Elementary Education: Literacy Program

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Elementary Education: Literacy (Master of Education)

Program Description for Elementary Education

Major: Elementary Education Concentration: Literacy Degree: Master of Education


  • Be eligible for or hold a teaching certificate in Elementary or Secondary Education.
  • Have successfully completed one of the following:
    • a)2011 Revised Florida Reading Competencies 1-4,
    • b)Florida Reading Compentencies 1-5 (prior 2011 version),
    • c) Have 12 credit hours in reading/literacy with evidence of covering indicators of the 2011 Revised Florida Reading Competencies 1-4.
  • Have taken a general assessment course at either the undergraduate or graduate level such as EDF 4444 Assessment of Learn/Behavior or EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum.


Core Requirements (6 credits)

EDF6480 Foundations of Ed Research (3 Credits)

EDF6607 Education in America (3 Credits)

Major Requirements (18 credits)

LAE6415 Teaching Literacy with Books (3 Credits)

RED5846 Practicum in Reading (1-3 Credits)

RED6096 Literacy Coaching (3 Credits)

RED6546 Literacy Difficulties (3 Credits)

SELECT One from below:

  • LAE 6319 Language Arts Methods for Elementary Teachers
  • LAE 6339 Special Methods in Teaching English

SELECT_ One of the following:

  • EDE 6225 Elementary School Curriculum
  • ESE 6215 Secondary School Curriculum
  • EEC 6205 Curriculum & Instruction in Early Childhood Ed

Major Electives (9 credits)

ELECTIVES Choose 3 from the following:

  • EDE 6205 Teaching All Children
  • EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum
  • EEC 6611 Early Childhood Education
  • EME 6046 Technology and Literacy
  • RED 6345 Motivating Reluctant Readers
  • RED 6698 Teaching Critical Literacy
  • RED 6697 Teaching New Literacies
  • RED 6303 Building Literacy Through Play
  • RED 6000 Language & Cognitive Found. for Reading
  • RED 6349 Literacy through Storytelling
  • RED 6796 Literacy Research, Issues and Trends

Culminating Experience (3 credits)

RED6395 Adv Read Assess/Prog Implement (3 Credits)