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Paying for Graduate School

Graduate Tuition Scholarship Program for Educators

Subject to the availability of funds, the College of Education and Human Services is offering teachers, school administrators, and counselors scholarships to help offset the cost of tuition. Under this program, both graduate and post baccalaureate students enrolled in graduate level courses in the college are eligible to receive scholarships to help defray tuition costs for up to three graduate level courses. The scholarship amounts vary depending on availability of funds. Contact the Office of the Dean, COEHS Building 57, RM 3600, (904) 620-2520.

Scholarship and Forgivable Loan Programs

Other scholarships and forgivable loan programs for teachers, school administrators, and counselors include the following:

  • Gladys Roddenberry Graduate Fellowships will be awarded to outstanding teachers who have three to ten years of classroom experience and are pursuing graduate study to further their professional development. Applications are available from the Dean's office, College of Education and Human Services. For more information, call 620- 2520.
  • Florida Fund for Minority Teachers are available for minorities who are fully-admitted, full-time undergraduate students in a teacher education program. Recipients must be starting their program of study at the time of the award and cannot already be certified. For more information call 620-3934, Office of Academic Advising.
  • Each year a limited number of COEHS Foundation Fund scholarships are available to graduate students who are close to the end of their program of study. Applications for these $500 scholarships are available in March for the following fall term and in October for the following spring term. For further information call Office of Academic Advising, (904) 620-3934.
  • For additional information on available scholarships, refer to the College of Education & Human Services Scholarships Listing .

Deferred Loan Payment Plans

UNF offers two deferred payment plans to students. In deferred payment plan number one, students pay for one half of the cost of their tuition at the beginning of the term. They pay the remaining half of the cost by mid term. Plan two allows students to arrange their own schedule of payments. In this plan students can divide their payments into any number which meets their needs. The final payment must be made by the due date, which will fall approximately one month before the end of the term. There is a $10 processing and handling fee attached to this program. Applications for both programs can be picked up at the UNF Cashier's office on campus. Check the course schedule book for deadlines.