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Graduate Admissions Criteria


Applicants must meet minimum requirements for admission to graduate programs as established by the Florida State University System and the University of North Florida. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements for admission must apply for admission under the college's exception policy. Individual programs in the college have established admissions criteria beyond the minimum requirements. Information on these criteria can be found at each program's profile located in The Graduate School.

Academic Advising

All applicants seeking admission to master's programs in the college are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to admission. Visit the Office of Academic Advising, located in Building 57, Room 1070 or contact (904) 620-3934. The Office of Academic Advising provides individualized advisement to all students in the college. During the initial advising conference, the advisor will (1) explain the admission procedures, (2) help the student select the major which will lead the student to achieving career goals, (3) and plan a tentative program of study. Upon admission to the program, the division chair will assign a program sponsor from among the college faculty to finalize the program of study.

Admissions under the Graduate Exceptions Policy

If you do not meet one of the admissions criteria, you may be eligible to apply for admissions under the University's Exceptions Policy. If applying under this policy, you will need to write a letter of petition to the department's Chair. This letter should indicate why the criteria was not met and why you should be given special consideration, and it should be submitted by the fourth week of the term preceding anticipated admission. Accommodations in admission criteria are made for disabled students.


Graduate Program Application Procedures
Office Action Needed

The Graduate School

Graduate Application

Send the following documents to the UNF Graduate School. Visit The Graduate School website for full admissions requirements.

  1. Completed Graduate Application for Admission and a $30 application fee.
  2. Official Copies of transcripts from all institutions previously attended.
  3. Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores: GRE registration booklets available in Graduate School office. The GRE is administered on the computer at Sylvan Learning Center in Jacksonville. Call 1-800-GRE-CALL for more information or visit the GRE web site at

When all transcripts and test scores are received, a graduate referral from The Graduate School is sent to the Office of Academic Advising in the COEHS. You must attend courses the semester in which you are being admitted, if you do not attend, you will be canceled and then must reapply the following semester.

Student Health Services

Health Records

Submit an Immunization Form to Medical Compliance prior to registration for first term.

Office of Academic Advising

Advising Session

Stop by the COEHS Office of Academic Advising during walk-in hours. See an advisor for a tentative Program of Study (make sure you sign the POS) and a list of any prerequisites needed. You will need a signature to register for graduate level courses until you are admitted into the graduate program. Only 3 graduate courses may be taken before being fully admitted into the program.



Send the following documents to the Office of Academic Advising:

  1. Exception Policy Letter: Applicants with less than a 3.0 in last two years of baccalaureate degree and less than 1000 on the GRE must petition for an exception to the admission policy. See an advisor in the OAA for more information.
  2. Three original letters of recommendation on LETTERHEAD (Counseling and Educational Leadership majors must use forms obtained in the Office of Academic Advising or online through The Graduate School).
  3. Copy of current Florida Teaching Certificate or Statement of Eligibility for Progams requiring the certificate for admission.
  4. For Initial Certification majors and Deaf education Majors: Students who have not met the GRE requirement of 1000 must take and pass all four parts of the GK exam.
  5. For Counselor Education (School Guidance Counseling/ SOAR): Submit an application portfolio. The deadline is in mid-April for Fall term admission. Contact the department at 620-2838 for more information and application materials. Counselor education majors who are not certified teachers and who have not presented GRE scores of 1000 or better must present passing scores on all four parts of the GK exam for admission.
  6. For Educational School Leadership Majors: Submit proof of a valid Teaching Certificate.
Faculty Advisor & Official Program of Study

Once admitted to a graduate program, you will receive a letter from the admissions office providing the name of your faculty advisor.


You are responsible for contacting your program sponsor to set up an appointment to finalize your Program of Study. Your faculty program advisor is required to approve and sign your Program of Study once the program has been reviewed. Only faculty advisors can approve graduate transfer courses (up to six semester hours).

One-Stop Student Services 

Admitted graduate students and post-baccalaureate students will receive an appointment via myWings web for an assigned registration time. You may register on the web or in person at or after your scheduled day and time. If you do not receive an appointment, you must register during Open Registration. You can view a schedule of upcoming course offering via the online UNF Catalog.


Obtain permission for graduate courses from the Office of Academic Advising if you are prompted to do so by the registration system. You may call or stop by for electronic permission, override signatures (for closed classes) and/or permission signatures.

  • (904) 620-2611: Department of Childhood Education
  • (904) 620-2930: Department of Exceptional Student and Deaf Education
  • (904) 620-2610: Department of Foundations and Secondary Education
  • (904) 620-2990: Department of Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management

Notify both the Office of Records and Registration and the Office of Academic Advising in writing of a change of name or address.