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Office of the Dean

The College of Education and Human Services values its pivotal role in the preparation of professionals to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our society. As a result, the faculty have created innovative programs with high levels of integrated real world, highly engaged professional experiences designed to meet the continuing demand for a diverse pool of professionals. In our college, students choose from career paths in teaching, counseling, and leadership in P-12 school settings as well as careers in sport management, higher education, and ASL/English Interpreting. The college's theme, "Partnering to make the world a better place," exemplifies the mission to prepare and renew professionals who are equipped to make a difference as they work within diverse communities.


Diane Yendol-Hoppey Headshot  

Diane Yendol-Hoppey

Dean and Professor

(904) 620-2520

  Jen Kane  

Jennifer Kane

Associate Dean

(904) 620-2520

  Michelle Drinks   Michelle Drinks
Director of Development
(904) 620-1240
   Dan Dinsmore  

Dan Dinsmore

Associate Dean of Research, External Funding and Faculty Development

(904) 620-2610

 Lauren Hodge   

Lauren Hodge

Assistant Director of Communications

(904) 620-1787  

  Megan Porter Headshot  

Megan Porter

Assistant Director of Operations

(904) 620-1786

 Michele Verkerk Headshot  

Michele Verkerk  

Office Manager

(904) 620-4343

   Inger McGee  

Inger McGee

Director of Accreditation and Assessment

(904) 620-5755




   Nick Eastham Headshot 2021  

 Nicholas Eastham 

Coordinator of Academic Support Services

(904) 620-2991