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The STEP (Solve, Tinker, Explore, and Play) Lab is a space that supports the work of university faculty and students, regional preK-12 teachers and students, and other entities (e.g., government agencies, NGOs, corporate partners). This work allows individuals to understand the complex nature of STEM concepts to construct new understandings for themselves. 

A priority for this space is to find ways to link the technology in the lab with COEHS course curriculum. As a “home base,” the STEP lab serves as a central location for technology inside and outside the classroom. The lab serves as a space to examine emerging and new instructional technologies. This work can serve to demonstrate “proof of concept” of new equipment and practices through faculty research. Types of activities in the lab have included:

  • Field trips for elementary and secondary students
  • Summer Camps
  • Teacher professional development
  • Post-secondary course delivery
  • Professional networking

Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Medical Resources for the Community, Sustainable Clean Water Resources, and Sustainable Agricultural Resources. The Step Lab will have a “Mission Focus” which treats coding and making in this Maker space as “Computational Thinking and Innovation” with a Social Justice purpose.

Field Trips

The STEP Lab has hosted many school groups, where they participated in STEM activities, including coding and robotics. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the STEP Lab is currently closed to field trips.  


Equipment and Space Use

UNF Students, Faculty and Staff can take advantage of the STEP Lab and the resources we provide. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Lab is available in a limited capacity. Appointments and equipment requests can be made by emailing Nick Eastham, STEP Lab Supervisor, at  

NEFSTEM Innovation Institute  

College Students Solve, Tinker, Explore and Play in real-world projects with the goal of becoming agents of change in their community as well as mentors to younger students.   


For all STEP Lab field trips, equipment rental, room reservations and Innovation Institute inquiries, please contact Xavier Rozas, Coordinator of Professional Learning, at