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Playful Computing After School Program

The University of North Florida in collaboration with 5C Academy, are bringing Playful Computing (PC) After School Programs to local elementary schools! Our goal is to reach students interested in coding in elementary school so that they have experiences to help them decide if they want to pursue computer science in middle school and beyond. We also want to support teachers interested in learning about computer science and its potential applications to students' academic and extracurricular goals.


Playful Computing is held after schools, one hour per week, for a length of eight weeks.

For Elementary School Students and their Parents

Students will use a combination of Scratch,, and unplugged activities to learn how to think like a computer programmer. They will learn to code through a process of using an existing project to learn how code works, modifying that project to learn how to accomplish their own goals, and finally creating a project of their own from code.

For Teachers who are interested in being a PC After School Leader

Step 1: Get Paid to Earn Your Playful Computing Badge

In order to be eligible to teach a Playful Computing (PC) after-school class you must earn a digital badge.

  • The badge will only take approximately 10 hours to earn and is offered as online asynchronous professional development.
  • Badge content includes: definitions of computational thinking concepts, coding activities, and a first look at the exciting lesson plans that we've already created for you.
  • You will be paid $250 for your time completing the badge and for your feedback on how well the badge prepared you to teach after school coding.
  • How to get started: Email Dr. Parkinson, when you are ready to be enrolled in the badge.

Step 2: Set Up Your PC Classroom

Once the badge has been issued, teachers will be paid $400 per 8-week session.

Step 3: Receive Your PC Digital Starter Kit

You will receive a digital starter kit with access to everything you could ever want to start teaching the PC after-school program!

Your PC Starter Kit will contain:

  • Instructions to access your ready-to-use Google classroom
  • Staff contact information if you need any support in using Google classroom.
  • Your Google classroom is set up with everything from curated lesson plans to the digital activity sheets and links you will use in class.
  • Editable flyers that you can use to recruit students from your school.
  • Digital materials to support learning.
  • You may also receive a bin of physical materials to be used for the duration of the 8-week session.
  • When you're ready to start a new 8-week session and continue to build on your program, we will send you a new bin!

Step 4: Lead your very own Playful Computing after-school program!

Once you start teaching, we are here to support you.

  • In the beginning: A UNF team member will set up a virtual meeting with you to ensure you have everything you need.
  • During: You have the option to set up virtual coaching meetings as you need them.
  • During: we will ask you to send video clips or photos
  • Wrapping Up: We will be able to see the assignment data captured in your Google classroom
  • A UNF team member will reach out to see how teaching is going, get additional feedback on the effectiveness of the badge, and prepare for the next 8-week session.

There is no commitment beyond the first 8-week session.


We hope that the PC program grows, and with it you will continue to grow with us, expanding upon each 8-week session at your school, and encouraging your students to learn with us in computer coding.


Dr. Meghan Parkinson, Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education


UNF College of Education and Human Services by email at or by phone at (904) 701-3677 to get started or to answer any of your questions.