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Teach in Haiti

Haitian Flag

An opportunity to teach in Haiti!

Trip Info:

  • Dates - 4/29 - 5/14. With additional assignment requirements during Summer A.
  • Course - EEX 4861 ~ This is a 3 credit International Special Education Internship. If you major in education and complete the additional requirements, you will be eligible for the International Education Certificate when you graduate.
  • Purpose - We will spend 4 days at Institute Montfort and 5 days at Haiti Deaf Academy. Each student will be paired with a teacher and have the opportunity to observe, assist, and teach. You'll learn all about (special) education in a developing nation.
  • Languages - Communication will happen in LSH (Haitian Sign Language), French, Haitian Creole, ASL, and English. Unless, you are fluent in all of those, you will be working hard to communicate! That's part of the experience.
  • Activities - We'll do some cultural things, too. We'll visit museums (MUPANAH and the Sugar Cane Park) to learn about the history of the nation. We'll visit the artists who make the traditional iron metalworks art. We'll tour Papillon where they make jewelry and other crafts and shop. We'll have dinner at Hotel Montana in Petionville overlooking Port au Prince. And we'll go to Wahoo Bay - a Haitian beach resort.
  • Cost- The approximate cost is $2700. Payments are due 3/31 ($1,000) and 4/17 ($1,700). This is still tentative pending a few estimates; therefore it may change in the next week. Also, any money not used will be refunded to your student account after the trip.

To apply for this trip you will need to meet with Dr. Kilpatrick this week and complete the online application by Friday, 3/10 at 11:59pm. Note that the SAILS Application is due on Wednesday, 3/8. The SAILS scholarship would pay more than half of the cost of the trip, but it is competitive, especially for summer term.


Contact Dr. Kilpatrick for more information.