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In addition to the excellent educational opportunities at UNF, students can also enjoy membership in clubs just for fun, or to gain valuable leadership and community activity experience.


Full listing of UNF clubs

COEHS Clubs:

Silent Ospreys (ASL)

Jon Antal and Michael Stultz, Faculty Advisors


unfaslclub facebook


The purpose of Silent Ospreys ( UNF's ASL Club) is to raise awareness of American Sign Language, also to promote and educate the understanding of Deaf culture, language, and community.


Our goal is to connect with out to local Deaf/Hard of hearing/ASL organizations and team together to expand our community.

Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays

Liz Gregg, Faculty Advisor


UNF Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays is devoted to competition and recreation in the sport of clay shooting. Students are to exercise their discipline, reflexes, and responsibility in firearm handling.

Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) Student Chapter #277

Janice Seabrooks-Blackmore,  Debbie Reed and Jennifer Kilpatrick, Faculty Advisors


UNFSCEC facebook



The Student Council for Exceptional Children works hard as a club to include, educate, and raise awareness to increase the quality of life for people with disabilities. We promote the dignity and worth for all individuals. If you have any interest, regardless of your major, we highly encourage you to check our club out!

Florida Reading Association (FRA) Student Chapter

Nile Stanley, Faculty Advisor

Osprey Interpreters

Suzanne Ehrlich, Faculty Advisor


ospreyinterpreters facebook


The purpose of Osprey Interpreters is to provide University of North Florida ASL/English interpreting students, and students who are interested in the field of interpreting, with opportunities specific to interpreting rooted in the Deaf Community while furthering their education through trips, workshops, and special events related to interpreting.

Student Florida Education Association (SFEA) at the University of North Florida

SFEAUNF facebook


SFEAUNF instagram


The Student Florida Education Association (SFEA)'s mission is to encourage people to come to the University of North Florida and pursue a career as a future educator. We hold once a month general meetings, and in this meeting, we discuss our affiliation with the National Education Association, upcoming events through our ambassador program with the College of Education, and current happenings in the field of education. The Student Florida Educators Association is a collection of future educators looking to come together and discuss key issues in teaching today. Another goal of the association is to give back to communities. We will try to accomplish this through fundraising, mentoring programs, and reading programs. Non-education majors are also welcome if they are interested in the school system.

UNF Pride Club

Hope E. (Bess) Wilson, Faculty Advisor


unfprideclub facebook


Our mission is to provide a positive social and support network for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students as well as their allies in the UNF Community. Additionally, we seek to give back to the community at large through philanthropic and other works.

Honor Societies

Kappa Delta PI

Phi Kappa Phi

Katrina Hall, Faculty Advisor

COEHS Student Ambassadors

College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) Ambassadors are driven, motivated, and creative COEHS students that serve as student representatives. Not only do they serve as role models to current and prospective COEHS students, but they also are the face of the college to the greater UNF community. COEHS Ambassadors are an honorary group of students selected to represent the college at special events on campus and in our community.


Learn more about our ambassador program