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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

2023 Presidential Diversity & Inclusion Awards



To acknowledge and honor the exemplary efforts of a student, faculty, or staff member who:
  • Increases the appreciation for, and the awareness of the benefits, importance, and relevance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Works to advance the efforts of the university to be more diverse and inclusive, identifies and challenges obstacles, and identifies and builds assets and strengths.


  • One (1) faculty member will receive a $2,500 award.
  • One (1) staff member will receive a $2,500 award.
  • Up to two (2) students will receive a $1,000 award.


Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Award

All current faculty, employed with the university for six (6) months or longer, are eligible for the award.

Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Staff Award

All current staff, employed with the university for six (6) month or longer, are eligible for the award.

Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Student Award

  • Students who are in good standing with the university are eligible for the award(s), if:
    • currently enrolled in at least three credit hours, 
    • in a degree-seeking status (undergraduate, graduate, post-baccalaureate, etc.)
  • Students must have demonstrated evidence of a commitment to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion on campus and/or in the surrounding community.

Submission and Selection Procedures

For purposes of the award selection process, diversity and inclusion initiatives are defined as organizational programs, activities, and efforts, designed to promote and support differences in people and society that may include race and ethnic origin, gender, ability, religion, age, education, ideological, sexual orientation or varied forms of difference.

Candidate Packets

Members of the campus community are invited to submit candidate packets during the spring 2023 submission cycle. 2023 nomination information: submit nominations online by completing this simple form. The deadline to submit candidate packets is 5 p.m., Friday, March 10, 2023.

  1. Submission of candidate packets beginning Monday, February 27, 2023 and concluding by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 10, 2023.
    • Candidates are required to submit the following documentation by 5 p.m. on Friday March 10, 2023. Incomplete or late packets will not be considered by the award selection committee.
    • A complete candidate packet includes:
      • A personal statement written by the candidate outlining the activities and achievements that demonstrate their contributions toward diversity and inclusion [no more than two (2) typed pages]. Candidates should seek to address the criteria outlined below in the personal statement.
      • Two (2) letters of support [each being no more than one (1) typed page]; support letters should aid the candidate in demonstrating evidence associated with the criteria listed in the “Criteria for Reviewing Candidate Packets” below.
      • These documents must be submitted electronically via the provided Qualtrics survey or hand delivered to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (Attention to: Commission on Diversity & Inclusion), Building 2, Suite 2100.

2023 Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award Candidate Packet Submission

Criteria for Reviewing Candidate Packets

The award selection committee will review all complete candidate packages. Selection of awardees is based solely off of information included in submitted, complete candidate packets.

Based off the criteria below, the committee will select one (1) faculty member, one (1) staff member, and up to two (2) students to receive awards. The committee will review candidate packets based upon membership in one of three groups: faculty, staff, or students; candidates from different groups are not compared.

Criteria includes to what extent did the nominee:

  • work to advance the university's efforts to celebrate diversity and inclusion?
  • identify and challenge obstacles to increasing diversity?
  • identify and build university assets and strengths in regard to diversity and inclusion?
  • develop and support organizational programs, activities and efforts designed to support or empower underrepresented students, faculty, or staff?
  • work collaboratively to accomplish the above aims?

Award Notification

The selected awardees will receive notification of the award by Friday, April 7, 2023. Student award presentations will take place at ‘The ODIes’, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s annual end of year celebration, on Friday, April 15, and the faculty and staff award presentations will take place during the fall Convocation by the University President, or designee.

Previous Award Recipients

Visit the Award Recipients Webpage to view previous award winners.

For More Information

For more information, email (Brandi Winfrey).