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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse Faculty Recruitment

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The University of North Florida has long held a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. Words alone do not actualize this commitment. Consistent actions and reflection on those actions are some of the tools we use to get stronger and better as an inclusive university community. What we know is that, "Diversity is a key ingredient of a quality education, scholarly discourse and reflection. Faculty, staff and students alike benefit from learning to function within a setting that allows or demands that one adapt to the complex social structures of having to learn from, teach or work with those who are not like oneself." (University of Minnesota Best Practices In Recruiting and Retaining Under-Represented U.S. Minority Faculty Handbook).

While the strategies for UNF's Strategic Goal 2 encompass the entire university community (faculty, staff and students), the following recommendations, resources and data are intended to facilitate greater faculty diversity; especially the under-represented categories of Black, Hispanic and Native American. It is important to note that, the university's interests are not focused on numbers or percentages for each racial category. Philosophically, we want to take a broad view of diversity and inclusion -- one that embraces "inclusive excellence" with two objectives in mind:

  • Objective One: Enhance the diversity of under-represented and minority faculty.
  • Objective Two: Hire faculty whose heads, hands and hearts are committed to diversity and inclusion.

UNF will maintain its commitment to excellence in all faculty hires by continuing its goal to hire the best qualified faculty.