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Office of Diversity and Inclusion
oneColumn handbook

CODI Bylaws

Article I


The name of this commission shall be the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion ("CODI" or “Commission”).

Article II


The Commission on Diversity and Inclusion advises the University of North Florida’s President on issues pertaining to diversity and inclusion.

The Commission will proactively engage the UNF community to embrace and accept diversity and inclusion as an institutional core value. The Commission will cultivate a shared commitment to diverse and inclusive perspectives and a culturally competent and inclusive university environment that values and respects the human differences, dignity and well-being of every community member.

Article III


CODI desires to:

  1. Increase the appreciation for, and the awareness of the benefits, importance and relevance of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Work collaboratively to advance the efforts to be more diverse and inclusive, identifying and challenging obstacles, and identifying and building assets and strengths.
  3. Increase and enhance community recognition of UNF as a diversity-welcoming university.

Article IV Structure

Chair or Co-Chair(s)

The Chair or Co-Chair(s) of the CODI shall be appointed by the university President. The Commission may submit a list of names to the President for consideration.

The Chair(s) of the CODI shall preside over and chair the meetings of the Commission. The Chair(s) of the CODI shall appoint any ad-hoc committees necessary for the functioning of the Commission. The Chair(s) are voting members.


  1. The Project Director will execute projects, initiatives and activities as directed by the CODI Chair(s) and/or President. The project director is a non-voting member.
  2. The Administrator will provide organizational and logistical support to the CODI as directed by the Chair(s) and Project Director. The Administrator is a non-voting member.
  3. The CODI Chair(s), CODI Project Director and CODI Administrator shall act as the Leadership Team for CODI.


This is a commission created by the President of the University of North Florida, with authority, responsibility and accountability to the President. The President or his designee appoints new members to the Commission. The membership of the CODI shall be comprised of students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members that reflect the diversity within the university community.

All members should be passionate, engaged and willing to advance the work of the Commission.

Steering Committee Members

Steering committee members shall be students, faculty, staff and administrators who will serve staggered two-year terms that can be renewed at the discretion of the President or designee. Term limits are two, two-year terms. Exceptions to two-year terms are in the cases when a new member is completing the unexpired term of another member. Vacancies that are filled with one or more of the remaining term(s) shall be counted as full-term for purposes of eligibility. Students will serve annual terms. All steering committee members are Presidential appointees and, as such, need no approval from the CODI members for membership. All terms of membership shall be from July 1 to June 30. Steering committee members are voting members, if and when a vote is necessary. Most business will be handled by consensus.

The steering committee membership of the CODI may include any of the 23 individuals listed below.

  • The Chair or Co-Chair(s) of the CODI (1 or 2)**
  • One representative from each college, as appointed by the dean of that college (6)
  • One representative from the Faculty Association
  • One representative from the Office of the President
  • One representative from the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs**
  • One representative from the Division of Student and International Affairs**
  • One representative from the Division of Administration and Finance
  • One representative from the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs
  • One representative from United Faculty of Florida
  • One representative from the A&P Association, appointed by the A&P Association president
  • One representative from the USPS Association, appointed by the USPS Association president
  • One representative from the Graduate Student Organization, appointed by the GSO president
  • One representative from the Student Government Association, appointed by the SGA president**
  • One representative from the Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity (SAID), a program area in the Department of Diversity Initiatives
  • One representative from the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity**
  • Two representatives from the Jacksonville community, appointed by the university President

** Designates required membership

Associate Members

The CODI welcomes any member of the university community and encourages representation from individuals and organizations that support diversity and inclusion. Contact a chair of the Commission to become an associate member. Associate Members shall not vote.


Fifty percent-plus-one of the steering committee members shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The CODI members may submit or have a representative provide a proxy vote.


Votes may occur in person at face-to-face meetings, by electronic mail or telephone. In a telephone conference call, a roll-call of all voting members and identification of voting member must be indicated when voting.

Resignations and Removal

Any Commission member may resign from the Commission at any time by giving written notice to the Chair(s) of the CODI. Resignation shall take effect upon receipt of letter by the Chair(s) of the CODI. Acceptance of resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.

When a Commission member’s resignation has been accepted by the Chair(s) of the CODI, a replacement for said Commission member may be requested by the CODI administrator.

Any Commission member may be removed from the Commission for nonfeasance, malfeasance or misfeasance; for conduct detrimental to the interests of the Commission; or for refusal to render reasonable assistance in carrying out the mission, goals and work of the Commission. Removal may be initiated by any voting member but must have final approval by the Chair(s).

Article V Meetings

Time of the Meetings

There shall be at least two meetings held each semester, on or near the campus of the University of North Florida, the time to be determined by the leadership team.


Commission steering committee members have a duty to their constituent group(s) to attend meetings of the CODI, and its subcommittees of which they are members. After TWO successive absences by a Commission steering committee member, the Chair(s) of the CODI shall remind the Commission member of the Commissioner’s obligation to attend and participate in meetings. If the Commission member’s absences continue, the Chair(s) shall ask the Commission member to reconsider their appointment and may ask for his or her resignation.

A record of attendance shall be maintained in the minutes of all the CODI and subcommittee meetings. Commission members unable to meet the established attendance policies found in these bylaws will be requested, in writing, by the Chair(s) to resign so that the work of the Commission may advance based upon “value-added attendance” and performance.

Meetings in the Sunshine

ALL of the CODI meetings are governed as sunshine meetings. Meetings must comply with chapter 286, Florida Statutes (open meetings) and chapter 119, Florida Statutes (public records). When two or more members of the Commission meet to discuss the CODI business, reasonable public notice of this public meeting must be provided. All steering committee members in attendance must vote on issues before the Commission, notes of the meeting must be taken and the meeting must be open to the public so that all those interested in the CODI business may attend.

Article VI


The officer(s) of the CODI shall be the Chair or Co-Chair(s) of Commission.

Article VII CODI Committees

Standing Committee

There shall be one (1) standing committee and it is called the Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award Selection Committee. Anyone who is a member of the CODI can serve on the selection committee, but it must be chaired by a Commission steering committee member. The standing committee chair is appointed by the CODI Chair(s).

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc committees may be formed as needed. Anyone who is a member of the CODI can serve on an ad hoc committee, but it must be chaired by a Commission steering committee member. Ad hoc committee chairs are appointed by the CODI Chair(s).

Article VIII

Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws can be amended only by the steering committee members of the Commission, at any regularly scheduled meeting, and provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing to the leadership team for review, and upon its recommendation, has been forwarded to the Commission for review at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting. Approval shall require an affirmative vote of a majority of the steering committee members present at the meeting.

Article IX

Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, may be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the bylaws or by specific rules of procedure adopted by the Commission.