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The Joe Berg Seminars

Jacksonville, Florida

The Joe Berg Seminars of Jacksonville is a prestigious academic seminar series which offers twelve seminars yearly between September and May in each of the Humanities and Sciences. Membership extends from the middle of the Sophomore year to the middle of the Senior year. Seminars are held at the Museum of Science and History unless the group is on a field trip. Speakers are college professors and professionals from our community who want to share their fields with outstanding high schools students. 



"The Torch of Learning Provides
the Key to the World of Tomorrow."

Joe Berg


In the fall of their Sophomore year, potential Joe Berg participants are nominated by their high school teachers and guidance counselors based upon their GPA and demonstrated interest in enrichment. These nominees sit for a rigorous examination in either the sciences or humanities. The Seminars admit about 100 students from roughly twenty public and private Jacksonville high schools into each series each year. The Joe Berg Graduation ceremony is held in the fall of the students' Senior year. These graduates have participated in twenty-seven to thirty-six hours of college level lecture and discussion.