The Science and Culture Initiative (SCI)

SCI promotes public understanding of science. People who understand the scientific process make better science-related decisions affecting their own lives as well as society as a whole. 
SCI promotes scientific thinking—not accepting something just because someone says so but because it is supported by evidence and is consistent with other known things. People who embrace scientific thinking make better decisions whether they involve science or not.    

SCI promotes the idea that there is a deep biological link between science and other forms of culture. Human culture—from the sciences to the humanities—comes from human creativity. The deep link is that recent research suggests we navigate through our creative processes using brain networks that evolved from those our distant vertebrate ancestors used to navigate through their environment. The different forms of culture are just different ways of using those networks to express what’s on our mind. More about that will be coming soon.


See the side bar at left for additional information, including links to programs overseen by SCI, to the science departments at UNF, and to some places where connections between scientific and non-scientific expressions of human culture are on full display.