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Scott McRae Shad Scholarship


This scholarship was created in 2001 by the Gottleib family in memory of Scott McRae Shad, a local percussionist. The scholarship is intended to provide funding for University of North Florida students majoring in music, percussion students specifically.

Selection Criteria

1. Students eligible for such scholarships must:

  • Meet admissions requirements and be accepted to the University of North Florida,
  • Have a UNF GPA of 2.0,
  • Audition successfully for the UNF Music Department percussion faculty, and
  • Declare a music major, if a Junior or Senior (freshman and sophomores must have declared an intent to major in music).

2. Students awarded this scholarship must also agree to:

  • Enroll full time (12 or more hours per semester at UNF) and earn 24 credits by the end of each spring semester,
  • Enroll in and complete an applied tutorial with percussion faculty each semester,
  • Participate as a member of UNF Percussion Ensemble each semester,
  • Consent to release grades to the Division of Institutional Advancement for the purpose of reporting to the Donor and agree to meet with the Donor a maximum of four times an academic year through arrangements made by the Music Department,
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative UNF GPA (to be calculated at the end of each spring semester), and
  • Comply with all University regulations, rules and codes of conduct governing students on campus.

3. Required Application Attachments

  • None

4. Renewal

  • Yes, with preference.