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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Soc, Anthro, & Social Wk

Course IDCourse Title
ANT2000 (CD) Introduction to Anthropology
ANT2423 (CD) Kinship and the Family
ANT2930 Special Topics in Anthropology
ANT3101 Fundamentals of Archaeology
ANT3212 (CD)(FC) Peoples and Cultures of the World
ANT3243 (FC) Comparative Muslim Cultures
ANT3311 FC - Indians of the Southeastern U. S.
ANT3312 (CD)(FC) North American Indians
ANT3355 The African Diaspora
ANT3414 Principles of Socio Cultural Anthropology
ANT3462 Health, Illness and Culture
ANT3514 Principles of Physical Anthropology
ANT3610 Linguistic Anthropology
ANT3933 Seminar in Anthropology
ANT4025 The Anthropology of Death
ANT4034 Survey of Anthropological Theories
ANT4083 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
ANT4115 Archaeological Research Strategies
ANT4158 Florida Archaeology
ANT4180 Archaeological Lab Methods
ANT4241 Anthropology of Religion
ANT4352 (FC) Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANT4444 Cities and Globalization
ANT4497 Ethnographic Methods
ANT4620 Language, Culture, and Society
ANT4821 Archaeological Field Methods
ANT4905 Directed Independent Study in Anthropology
ANT4931 Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology
ANT4970 Honors Thesis in Anthropology
SOW2031 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work
SOW3203 Social Welfare Institutions
SOW3213 Social Welfare Policy
SOW3293 Social Work Communication
SOW3403 Social Work Research Methods
SOW3620 Social Work with Diverse Groups
SOW4101 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I
SOW4102 Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
SOW4122 Inside the Asylum
SOW4302 Social Work with Individuals and Families
SOW4322 Social Work with Organizations and Communities
SOW4323 Social Work Practice with Groups
SOW4352 Principles of Social Service Provision
SOW4511 Field Education I
SOW4512 Field Education II
SOW4522 Field Seminar I
SOW4523 Field Seminar II
SOW4602 Social Work in Health Care
SOW4651 Child Abuse and Neglect
SOW4700 Substance Abuse and Social Work Practice
SOW4724 Child Welfare Practice
SOW4794 Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees
SOW4905 Directed Independent Study - Social Work
SOW4930 Special Topics in Social Welfare
SOW4944 Child Welfare Practicum
SYA3300 Sociological Research Methods
SYA3310 Qualitative Research Methods
SYA3450C Social Science Data Analysis
SYA4010 Sociological Theory
SYA4654 Sociological Approaches to Program Evaluation
SYA4905 Directed Individual Study
SYA4914 Sociological Research Experience
SYA4930 Special Topics in Sociology
SYA4943 Sociology Internship
SYD3020 Social Demography
SYD3410 Urban Sociology
SYD3700 (CD) Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SYD3800 (CD) Gender and Society
SYD4510 Environment and Society
SYD4702 Race, Place and Inequality
SYG2000 Introduction to Sociology
SYG2013 (CD) Sex, Race and Social Class: A Sociological Examination of Culture and Diversity
SYO3110 Sociology of Sexualities
SYO3530 Social Stratification
SYO4100 Sociology of the Family
SYO4200 Sociology of Religion
SYO4300 Political Sociology
SYO4370 Sociology of Work
SYO4400 Health, Illness and Society
SYO4500 Sociology of Organizations
SYP3440 Social Change and International Development
SYP3570 Deviance and Social Control
SYP4050 The Sociology of Human Interaction
SYP4351 Social Movements and Social Change
SYP4730 The Sociology of Aging