Why Minor in Religious Studies?

A minor in Religious Studies is one of the best ways to learn more about the world around you! No matter what your major, a minor in Religious Studies is a perfect way to round out your education!

  If your major is:   



Public Health

A minor in Religious Studies will help you to work with diverse populations and give you insight into the complex relationship between science and religion.

Pre-law A minor in Religious Studies will help you to better represent religiously diverse clients and to understand the role that religion does (and doesn't) play in shape the law in the US and globally.
Business      Religious Studies will equip you to better understand diverse clients and markets in a globalized and multicultural society
Political Science
Art History
Religion is an essential aspect of human experience. A minor in Religious Studies will deepen your understanding of diverse cultures and their histories. It's the perfect complement to any degree in humanities or the social sciences.



Interested in declaring a minor in Religious Studies? Don't see your major listed here?

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Interested in the requirements for a minor? Check it out here!